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Tealight Flight (Sample Kit)
Tealight Flight (Sample Kit)
Tealight Flight (Sample Kit)
Tealight Flight (Sample Kit)
Tealight Flight (Sample Kit)

Tealight Flight (Sample Kit)

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We make online candle shopping easy! Find your next favorite Calyan Wax Co.  fragrance with this tealight sample kit!

Step 1: Order your Tealight Flight
Step 2: Receive your Tealight Flight in the mail
Step 3: Smell test our 12+ amazing scents
Step 4: Pick your favorite scent
Step 5: Order your full size candle in your new favorite Calyan Wax Co. scent!

Our Tealight Flight includes one tealight sample of each of our 12+ current fragrances. Made with 100% soy wax and fragrance oils infused with essential oils. Handcrafted by our team in North Texas. A helpful scent card is also included to help walk you through the sampling process!

Scents included:
Oakmoss + Amber | Musk + Teakwood | Cedar + Tobacco | Apples + Maple Bourbon | Evergreen + Eucalyptus | Fig + Seagrass | Lavender + Bergamot | Desert + Agave | Seaside + Citrus | Aspen + Fog | Grapefruit + Flora | Vetiver + Tonka | Redwood + Vanilla | Smoke + Leather


5% of your purchase is used to fund strategic anti-human trafficking operations in America.

All soy products are handcrafted in Texas.

Money-back guarantee on any product you don't fall in love with.

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Linda B
Great Idea!

I love the tealight flight. A friend had given me an Evergreen and Eucalyptus candle and I loved it. But I suffered from FOMO: maybe Calyan made one I’d love even more. So I ordered the tealight flight.
I am still working on deciding my favorite; the competition is fierce. But I have greatly reduced my Christmas shopping burden; everyone I know who like candles is going to get the tealight flight and a gift card. I think they will enjoy sampling all the fragrances as much as I am and I’m confident they’ll get a gift they love.
Great idea!


Great sample kit!

Barbara Metzger

Love the fragrances of these candles. I can't pick a favorite. I love them all!

Picking a favorite can be so hard, Barbara! Really happy to hear you are enjoying the scents. Reach out if you have any questions. We are happy to share our recommendations. Keep enjoying the samples and we look forward to sending some full-size candles soon!

Susan Riddle
Ultimate Candle Flight!!

Great way to test the scents. Genius idea! Keep in mind they are small so they don’t have the same throw as full candles but you absolutely get enough scent to know your favorites! I love this concept and testing them all is a fun little experience in and of itself.
Now I know which ones I love so I can order a bunch at a time with confidence.

This is the perfect description of the Tealight Flight, Susan! We think it's a super fun way to try out all the scents before committing to a full-size candle. Great to hear you have enjoyed the samples. Hope you enjoy the full size candles as well!

Teri Thompson
Hummm Which one!

I couldn’t decide which fragrance I thought I might like so I ordered the sample tea lights. So , now I have 10 tea lights to enjoy and I ordered my absolute favorites.
Win Win.
Always feel good to support a local Texas business.

Great option

I am very sensitive to certain scents, and it's hard to commit to a candle scent not knowing whether or not I'd like it. This is a wonderful way to try all the scents, mark my favorites on the card, and gift the rest to friends who might like them better. I will definitely be buying a bigger version of my favorites!

So Many Awesome Scents

Only $10 to sample ALL of the scents?! What! Wha! I love the ability to try a sample before committing to a full size candle! Ingenious!!

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