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3 Easy Ways to Join the Fight Against Human Trafficking

3 easy ways to help end human trafficking
Our team at Calyan Wax Co. has a strong passion and heart-felt desire to help end human trafficking in our community. We want to share some ways that you can get involved!
Here are 3 easy ways you can make a difference in the fight against human trafficking. 

1. Educate Yourself on the Issue of Human Trafficking 

  Human trafficking is considered to be the fastest growing criminal activity in the world with thousands of young people trapped in its grip. But even in this dark world, there is hope. It's important to know what trafficking is, how to avoid it, and how we can work together to bring a stop to it. Here is a great place to start learning,
thank you for showing me that i have potential
Drawing by survivor served by Traffick911

2. Volunteer and/or Financially Support Local Non-Profits

We are privileged to live in an area where so many non-profits are working together to help those affected by human trafficking.

Check out these local DFW nonprofits and organizations that are hard at work in this area. Each one has specific areas that they specialize in. All are working together toward a common goal of restoring freedom and bringing justice. We recommend reaching out to them to get involved as well as to financially support their great work. If you're not local to the DFW, reach out to us and we will help find some great organizations in your area!

Traffick911 based in Addison, TX

Treasured Vessels Foundation based in Frisco, TX

Unbound - several branches all over TX

Poiema Foundation based in Euless, TX

Rescue Her based in Euless, TX

Valiant Hearts based in Southlake, TX

Refuge City based in Dallas, TX

New Friends New Life based in Dallas, TX

Klieinhert Foundation based in Dallas, TX

Donation Day! Calyan Wax Co and the Traffick911 teamDonation Day! Calyan Wax Co. and the Traffick911 Team

3. Shop Our Natural Soy Candles

5% of all Calyan Wax Co. revenue is donated to our trusted partner non-profit, Traffick911, and used to help fund their Voice and Choice Survivor Empowerment Program. We provide an easy and simple way for you to join the fight against trafficking. All you have to do is enjoy candles! Shop our candles here.

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Thanks for reading and we hope this information is helpful! Reach out with any questions or comments. Let's all bring hope together!