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Hear what our customers are saying about our long lasting, natural soy candles. Handcrafted in Texas and 5% of all sales go to end human trafficking in America.
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The BEST candles!

I have been using essential oils rather than candles for years now, but THESE candles have converted me! Every scent smells SO good. I purchased 5 different scents, two as gifts and 3 for my own home and I haven’t even burned them yet but they make my home smell amazing! I love the mission of this company as well and I plan to buy these as gifts (and for my own home) for many years to come!

Great Idea!

I love the tealight flight. A friend had given me an Evergreen and Eucalyptus candle and I loved it. But I suffered from FOMO: maybe Calyan made one I’d love even more. So I ordered the tealight flight.
I am still working on deciding my favorite; the competition is fierce. But I have greatly reduced my Christmas shopping burden; everyone I know who like candles is going to get the tealight flight and a gift card. I think they will enjoy sampling all the fragrances as much as I am and I’m confident they’ll get a gift they love.
Great idea!

Texas Bluebonnet Glass Tumbler | Limited Release
Love this scent

I absolutely love the scent. After having a sample of it I had to go buy a full size of this candle. I also bought one for my friend who is from Texas. Can’t wait to give it to her. What I love most about Calyan candles is that their scent is not overpowering, just the right amount.

So good you go out of your way to get it.

I've sadly given more of these as gifts than I've been able to enjoy for myself. They are always a hit! This is the only candle company that I buy from online and its worth the trouble to do so. The apple bourbon & evergreen eucalyptus are intoxicating ... authentic and hearty sents that are strong enough to notice immediately without being overwhelming in a bad way. Excellent job, Calyanwaxco!

Wow, Kelsey, this is such a huge compliment! Thanks so much for speaking so highly of our candles and for giving them as gifts! That means so much that you would share our products and mission with others. Keep enjoying and reach out if you need anything. We are always happy to help. Cheers!

Redwood & Vanilla Soy Candle

This scent is so soft smelling. It’s a very warm and welcoming scent. I also love that it has no toxins that affect my dog or me. I’ll be ordering this again.

Thanks for the fantastic review, Audrey! Happy to hear that you and your dog are loving the Redwood + Vanilla scent. Thanks for all your support and reach out if you need anything. We're always happy to help in any way we can. Cheers!

Intoxicating fragrance!!

This candle smells soo fresh and beautiful. Pure essence - Nothing artificial about it! I love it so much that I bought a second one to give as a present right away. After checking that my second order wasn't a mistake, they refunded one of my shipping costs when they saw I had ordered two on the same day... that's the kind of service I appreciate. Everything about this company rocks!!

Wow, Laura, this review is awesome! Happy to hear you're loving the candle and we love hearing about your positive experience with our service! Your satisfaction is our number one goal. Reach out if you ever need anything! Keep enjoying the candles!

Texas Bluebonnet Glass Tumbler | Limited Release
Dawn Billings
Best Candles EVER!

Calyan are by FAR my most favorite candles. They smell amazing, burn clean and support such a worthwhile cause. I am so glad the Texas Bluebonnet fragrance was restocked -- I thought I missed out!

Glad you got to try the Texas Bluebonnet candle before we sold out, Dawn! Enjoy it for as long as you can. It will be back next year for sure :)

My favorite ever

This has to be my favorite candle ever- across all brands! It’s clean, strong and delightful! Even hours after I’ve burned it the room still smells wonderful. I only buy from this brand now!

Wow this is the highest compliment we could ask for, Lacie! We are honored that you would speak so highly of our candles. Thanks so much. Keep enjoying and reach out if you ever need anything!

Sublime Combination

This scent is balanced, fresh and lovely. It's not as sweet as one may imagine. You've done it again, Calyx!

Thanks, JM, for the fabulous review! Really happy to hear you are enjoying your candle. Thanks so much for all your support!

Wonderful scent!

We love this scent in our house! We definitely plan on buying more!! Totally recommend!!!

The Vetiver + Tonka is a favorite around our candle shop, Miranda! You have excellent taste :)
Thanks for the amazing feedback and keep enjoying the candle!

Light In The Darkness

My Eucalyptus evergreen smells WONDERFUL! Calyan truly care about people, from their friendly customer service to the people they fight to help free from sex trafficking. Calyan’s candles are bringing light to the world!

Amazing in every way

I never write reviews but this one is worth the time. I’m obsessed with candles and more often than not, the way they smell unlit usually far surpasses the (lack of) scent they give off when they are lit. So, I’m usually disappointed. These candles are AMAZING. The scent fills my house in a most beautiful way. Everyone who comes over when they’re lit asks where I got them from. Calyan, if your name was out there more, I’m convinced you would blow every other candle company out of the water. Well done and bonus, purchasing supports a great cause. Don’t hesitate to buy these.

Leah....this review is amazing! I know you said you never write review but you're a pro at it!
Love hearing that you and your guests are loving the candles! Keep enjoying them and reach out if you ever need anything. We are always happy to help. Cheers!

Surprising scent

Not over powering soft and sweet

No waxy smell

I love these candles. The scent is great and there is no underlying waxy scent.

Perfect scent

This scent is both soothing and invigorating. Love that I can offer support to human trafficking victims.

Like a very expensive perfume

I’m a huge fan of having my home smell delicious all of the time so by default I enjoy burning candles. I’ve had previous bad experiences of buying candles at grocery stores where at the store they smell really good and then when I burn them, they don’t smell like the point where I’ve left my house without realizing I left them on because I forgot I was burning a candle. Well I was at Whole Foods and saw the beautiful aesthetic of Calyan Wax Co candles and walked over to smell them. I loved every single one of them but this scent I’m particular reminded me of a very expensive perfume. I had been looking for a signature scent for my bedroom and the second I smelled it, I knew this was it. Well when I got home I immediately lit my candle and within less than 5 minutes, it had my bedroom smelling so luxurious and the smell even traveled to my living room. Don’t think twice, purchase any of these company’s candles!!

Paula! What a fantastic review! Thanks so much for taking the time to share. Really happy you found our candles in Whole Foods and are enjoying the Vetiver + Tonka scent. That's one our teams favorite and we are honored that you would call it a signature scent. Keep enjoying and reach out if you ever need anything!

Definitely a favorite

I got hooked on these candles when I was back home in TX, now I live in TN and order two at a time . It makes the house smell great and not at all overpowering. Love it!

Amanda! Thanks for this awesome review! Happy to send candles to TN anytime. Thanks for joining the mission to give hope to others with a simple action step. Keep enjoying and reach out if you ever need anything!

Aspen + Fog Amber Jar
Stephanie in Dallas
Lovely Scent, Perfect Gift!

I had a small version of this candle at my house (I purchased at Whole Foods) and loved the scent. My cousin came over and was gushing on how good the house smelled. So, I sent her a larger size and she was so excited by the surprise! I will continue to buy this scent. Warm, smoky, full, comforting. Love it!

Texas Bluebonnet Glass Tumbler | Limited Release
Natasha S
Smelling Spring

The Texas Bluebonnets is such a fabulous candle, the smell is amazing. A little bit of Spring in my house. I love Calyan wax products and their mission.

My All Time Favorite Candle

I buy 3-5 at a time. They burn forever, but I can't imagine being out of this scent. Grapefruit and Flora is an absolutely gorgeous scent and makes me smile every time I get a whiff. It's like being in a garden. It's just heavenly. Please don't ever stop making it!

Whoa Amanda this is HIGH PRAISE! Thanks a ton for this encouragement. I'm definitely passing your review on to our team to encourage them as well. Keep enjoying the candles and reach out if you ever need anything!

Enjoying this warmer

I really enjoy this candle warmer. I had been wanting one to melt candle waxes for a while, but didn't want any synthetic fragrances. I was glad when I discovered this company and their candles but especially the warmer and wax melts. And I really like the colors these warmers come in.

Texas Bluebonnet Glass Tumbler | Limited Release
Ali Thelen Thelen
Texas Bluebonnet

My favorite!!! Every candle is amazing but Texas Bluebonnet is just what my home needs. And I love that Calayan wax co gives back!

Wonderful and soothing

I loved these candles the first time I went into a store that sold them. The fragrance was beautiful.

Texas Bluebonnet Glass Tumbler | Limited Release
Melina Shellenberger
Spring is here!

I never knew bluebonnets smelled so beautiful! The fragrance smells like spring and it’s heavenly! Enjoy!

Fully stocked!

I’d never been much of a candle person until I found Calyan. These clean candles have the best scents, make for great gifts & support an important cause. Their staff is also incredibly welcoming & friendly and can help find the best scent for you. Every time I go I buy a Seaside + Citrus, I can’t help it!