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Hear what our customers are saying about our long lasting, natural soy candles. Handcrafted in Texas and 5% of all sales go to end human trafficking in America.
Based on 889 reviews
Amazing Candles + a Great Cause

Vetiver + Tonka candle smells amazing! I also love the Dignity Series, which is a set of 6 different candles. The scents Oakmoss + Amber and Evergreen + Eucalyptus are super yummy and smell wonderful as well.

Calyan candles also give back a portion of their proceeds to anti-human trafficking organizations. You get great smelling candles and a company who gives back to a much needed cause. Thank you Calyan Team!!!


I have been so obsessed with this scent for over a year. It’s my go to candles and wax melts!

high quality this candle

best quality

Pineapple + Coconut Glass Tumbler | Limited Release
Again another great candle

Cannot believe it sold out so quickly, incredible scent! Can we have it back in stock? Miss Maui.

What a great review, Bonnie! Thank you.
I just sent you an email to see if we can get you some last minute Pineapple + Coconut candles. Yes, we sold out online but we have just a few left at the candle shop. Hope we can send these last few candles your way. Happy to hear you're enjoying the candle. Thanks for your encouragement and support :)

Small candle, big scent!

I normally go for sweet scents but bought this mini candle on a whim because I wanted to try the brand. This little guy has impressed me with both its throw and longevity. It easily scents my bedroom and I’ve gotten several hours from it. And the scent itself has surprised me in a good way- it definitely has a masculine vibe but not in an over-the-top cologne way. It’s very peaceful and woodsy and is great to relax with after the end of a long day. Great, unique candle!

What an awesome review, Laura! Thanks for taking the time to share. We love these little mini amber jar candles and really glad to hear you have enjoyed the Oakmoss + Amber scent. 'peaceful and woodsy' is the perfect description.
Keep enjoying and reach out if you ever need anything. We are happy to serve you!
- Stephen

Best candles anywhere

They are the best, they burn long and they smell wonderful!

Thanks, Terri, for the fantastic review!
'Best candles anywhere' is quite the compliment. I'll be sure to share this with our team so that they can be encouraged as well. Thanks so much and keep enjoying the candles!

A Lovely Choice for the 5th Anniversary!

As always, this Calyan candle does not disappoint. When I unwrapped the candle, I realized I just want to take in the scent in a room for a while before burning it. It is fresh and subtle and balanced with the slight sweet and delicious spice you are known for. My go-to-company for socially-conscious high quality gifts, too. Thank you for all you do!

Just perfect!!

Vetiver + Tonka is absolutely perfect and my new obsession. Thanks Calyan Wax Co!!

This is one of our favorite candle scents around the shop, wook! Really happy to hear you are enjoying it as well.
Thanks for the awesome review. Keep enjoying the candles!

Love the warm scent

Prob would appreciate a stronger scent but would purchase again

Thanks for the great review, Kyrel! Evergreen + Eucalyptus is one of our faves.
Happy to hear you would purchase again. We love our 100% soy wax candles because they give off a scent that is the perfect amount without being too overpowering. We want the candle scent to be present but not overtake the atmosphere of your space. If you have any concerns or questions about the performance of your candle, you can always reach out to us and we are happy to help. You can send an email to info@calyanwaxco.com.
Thanks and hope you continue to enjoy this super popular fragrance!

Love all Calyan Candles!

Evergreen + Eucalyptus was my first introduction to Calyan. This is the scent that hooked me to all others! E+E is super earthy and relaxing, more than anything I love that even without lighting the candle the scent stays present in my office.

Love them!

Love these candles and will be ordering many more! The wick cutter is soo cute!

Favorite Scent

Oakmoss and Amber is my fav scent, not only from this company, but any candle I have tried. Others might have a similar name, but they aren't the same at all. I started using these when I was studying for the bar exam (instead of the overpowering "stress relief" candle from another company). I Whenever I burn this candle when my friends are over, they always want to know what it is. Call me obsessed, but I started using the Oakmoss and Amber wax melts at work and everyone loves it. So happy the candles are in larger sizes now!

Wow, Samantha, this is an amazing review!
The Oakmoss + Amber is fantastic and we love hearing you're enjoying it. Thanks for sharing our candles with your friends. Keep enjoying the candles and reach out if you ever need anything.


This candle is incredible - smells exactly how it's described and matches the name perfectly. I haven't gotten the chance to burn it just yet, but based on the throw I can smell through the cabinet I have it stored in, I know it's going to live up to the hype when I finally burn it!

Thanks for the awesome review, Marissa!
Hope you have gotten a chance to burn the candle and enjoy its beautiful scent. Thanks for your support and for joining the mission to end trafficking in the USA!

My favorite candle of all time!

I’m very sensitive to fragrances ( as in ai get an instant headache to strong smells). The lavender bergamot candle is so fresh and clean smelling that I’ve burned several candles allllll the way to the bottom. Love love love these candles and you will too!!

This is an amazing review, Kim! Thanks so much for sharing!
The Lavender + Bergamot is unbeatable. We love it and happy to hear you do as well.
Keep enjoying!

Smoke + Leather Heaven

I love the Smoke + Leather tumbler - the subtle scent gives my office a distinguished and relaxing vibe during the day and contributes to a cozy after-hours atmosphere. Its not overpowering and although many people love bold, in your face scents we know those candles aren't good for us... I'm very happy with the Smoke + Leather tumbler and will be stocking up on them for my next purchase!

Fantastic review, Rob! Thanks for taking the time to share. We love the Smoke and Leather scent as well. If you like this one then I also recommend our Aspen + Fog or our Cedar + Tobacco. Keep enjoying the candles. So thankful for your support!

Absolutely love

A beautiful candle with a scent that is long lasting and prominent without being overwhelming. Have already recommended to several friends!

What a fantastic review, LG! Thanks for taking the time to share and for recommending our candles to friends. Keep enjoying the Oakmoss + Amber scent. So thankful for your support!

Lovely ambiance

Even without burning they are very aromatic, I bought many candles with different scents , Cedar + Tobacco, the gardenia , the Aspen + Fog and many and I put them as decoration in a console table in the entry of my house and they diffuse a very lovely smell with relaxing ambiance.
I put others around the edge of the bath also , anywhere they are beautiful.

What a fantastic review, Ola! Thanks for taking the time to share. Keep enjoying the candles. So thankful for your support!

Love the leather

Great candle but I hope they can bring the Leather & Oak back!

Thanks, Cole, for trying out the Smoke + Leather! Really appreciate your support and feedback. Unfortunately, we do not have plans right now to bring back the Leather + Oak candle. We know this was a favorite for some. If you ever have questions or if you're curious about a re-release, please reach out to us at info@calyanwaxco.com or to me at stephen@calyanwaxco.com
Really thankful for your support!

-Stephen Engstrom

Fresh, Light Scent

I love these candles…all of them smell amazing. This is one of my faves!

So good!

This scent is so good! My husband and I don’t always agree on scents and we both love this one. 10/10 recommend!


This has become my favorite gift for people I care about.
I love supporting a brand that supports those who need it most.
The scents are comforting and VERY unique. Not too overwhelming. The seaside and citrus is calming and envois positive memories. Enjoy this candle!

Consistent, Amazing, Cozy

After many years trying different soy candles to find the right throw, right scent and right mission behind the brand I've found that there's no need to look anywhere else by Calyan. The Evergreen & Eucalyptus isn't a "winter" scent - it's a cozy, comfortable scent that makes my home inviting year round.

Elizabeth, this is fantastic! Thank you so much for your kindness and for writing such a great review! The Evergreen + Eucalyptus scent is like no other candle. It's amazing and we love that you love it.
Reach out if you need anything. We're always happy to help. Keep enjoying the candles!

The BEST candles!

I have been using essential oils rather than candles for years now, but THESE candles have converted me! Every scent smells SO good. I purchased 5 different scents, two as gifts and 3 for my own home and I haven’t even burned them yet but they make my home smell amazing! I love the mission of this company as well and I plan to buy these as gifts (and for my own home) for many years to come!

This review is fantastic, Shannon! Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement! Happy to hear you are enjoying the candles and the mission to give hope. Thanks for being a part of the mission!

Great Idea!

I love the tealight flight. A friend had given me an Evergreen and Eucalyptus candle and I loved it. But I suffered from FOMO: maybe Calyan made one I’d love even more. So I ordered the tealight flight.
I am still working on deciding my favorite; the competition is fierce. But I have greatly reduced my Christmas shopping burden; everyone I know who like candles is going to get the tealight flight and a gift card. I think they will enjoy sampling all the fragrances as much as I am and I’m confident they’ll get a gift they love.
Great idea!

Thanks, Linda, for trying out our tealight flight! Really happy to hear you have been enjoying the different scents. I hope it was fun for you. Looking forward to sending you some candles in your new favorites scents. And I love the idea of sending this flight to friends and family! Thanks for sharing about our company and mission with others. Your support means the world!