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Hear what our customers are saying about our long lasting, natural soy candles. Handcrafted in Texas and 5% of all sales go to end human trafficking in America.
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Amber Jar Candle

I love my recently purchased candle. The lavender and bergamot fragrance is subtle and doesn’t overpower the room when burning.

Great candles

I decided to try your candles because of the story you have and how you give proceeds to help human trafficking victims. I am still trying the candles. But really wanted to try the leather and oak to see if I want to get it for my sister. It smells amazing. Thank you.


I am saving the tealights that I want to get a full size of - everything except for one has been AMAZING

I love everything about this!

This is my all time favorite candle ever! I've always loved vanilla, but this one I find myself craving. I keep looking for the pineapple upside down cake. It is not overpowering, though. I love the balancing scent of driftwood, so it is great coming not just from the kitchen, but anywhere in the house or sunroom. Not too sweet. I hate that it is a limited edition. I love that sales are helping victims and speaking worth into their lives.

Great Candle

The candle scent is amazing! Highly recommend buying from this company,they ship out quickly and give 100% customer service to your order!

Always a win-win!

Buying candles from Calyan is always a win-win, and especially so when the Lavender and Bergamot is included in my order. Not only is it a fabulous fragrance that I love, but it is always a much appreciated gift for many of my friends who love flowers. I have had several friends even squeal with glee at the mere sight of the wrapped box because they are hoping it's a candle!!

Love this scent!

I love the Lavender & Bergamot candle! The scent is wonderful, but not overpowering. This is a great candle to use to unwind and relax.

Yes you really need this candle

I have bought just about every scent of Calyan Wax's candles and this new one is absolutely perfect. It is my new go to candle, I have it in 2 rooms in my house and will probably put it in more. I cannot recommend this scent enough.


Cedar + Tobacco brings me all the cozy feels despite the summer heat. Plus, the colored containers for the Dignity series are so cute. I’ll for sure keep them for decor when the wax is gone!

So good!

This scent is a classic summer scent-its fresh and sweet, but not overpowering. I highly recommend!

Heavenly scent!

I fell in love with the scent of this candle. I bought enough to give one to each of my daughters. They love them also. Your mission is wonderful and I am sure I will be a return customer. Thanks for the work you do to help a good cause.

Smells wonderful!

Exactly the type of masculine scent I was looking for to go in my bachelor pad!


My order came quickly and I love the entire set of samples! All the scents were wonderful. Great price too, for 13 samples!
Mine were not melted at all but I put them upside down in my small Scentsy warmer anyway. They work great as wax melts.

Favorite candle everrrrr

This is the most comforting scent I’ve ever found in a candle. The combination of notes is so imaginative and unique - it seriously feels like a cabin in the mountains. I buy one pretty much every time they have a special so I can be set for life lol. :)


I put your candle on a candle heater. I like the looks of keeping the candle in tact. It heats it to a clear liquid that smells so good. I use it in my living room for everyone to relax and enjoy each other's company. Thank you and keep up the good works..

Wick Trimmers
Katie Apkarian
Must Have

I’ve never had a wick trimmer before, but this is a must! Totally worth the price and so easy to use. Now I don’t have to fight with scissors when the candle gets lower. Thanks for offering these!


I absolutely love the scent to these candles BUT they arrived melted! I bought two samples for myself and a gift and both sets were melted all over the packaging and cards. I wish they were packaged better, might help with summer heat. I also ordered a melt and it was not affected by the heat.
Update: New samples were shipped and received in perfect condition. The samples were double packed and had no issues with heat or melting. The customer service is outstanding and they care enough about their products and customers to make things right. Stephen reached out and was very responsive and pleasant. I look forward to more beautifully scented purchases backed by a good cause.

Hi Katie!
So sorry the samples arrived melted! We are currently improving our packaging of the samples to survive the summer heat. We're doing our best to make sure this doesn't happen again in the future.

We want to make sure your Calyan experience is a 5-star one. I'm sorry this happened and we want to make things right. I just sent an email to you to get some replacements in the mail. We're thankful for your support and we will have more samples in the mail soon!


best candle I’ve ever had!

I was gifted this candle after going to the IF gathering this past year! I was SO excited to light it because it smelled incredible and I knew it served a great cause. Safe to say it did not disappoint! I was gifted the smallest size but just ordered the tumbler to be set for winter! I’m obsessed!! The best high quality candle out there - and for a cause? Count me in!

Beach, Sun, and a Pina Coladá

I am so impressed with the Pineapple & Coconut candle. It is a touch of sweet, a hint of coconut and an all around “happy” scent. My brother who is sensitive to strong perfumes and scents had No problem to be in the room while this candle was burning!
I would easily order 10 more to have the beach experience without having to leave my house!
Highly recommend for a gift!

The Legacy Candle
Alyssa Chandonnet
Amazing Scent!

This is by far, one of my favorite scents of a candle ever! I love fruity scents by I usually go towards island scents but this was completely different and I am in love! The jar is equally as beautiful! I'm more of a wax person but make an exception for this candle! I am also scent sensitive as someone with chronic illnesses. It is strong enough to fill the room without being strong enough to be in your face, triggering my migraines or anything!

New Go-To

Okay. These candles are soy (a must), benefit an incredible cause, and SMELL AMAZING. Literally the best smelling candles I’ve ever bought- I used to be a die hard PF candle co buyer, and I’m switching over. This candle smells great… my two favorites are the Vetiver + Tonka and Lavender + Bergamot!!! I also love that they burn slow. I go through candles quick and these seem to have a lot longer burn time

Taste of the Tropics

This is the quintessential candle for summer time. Lucious, it smells like a tropical vacay. It is not overly sweet like most other pineapple and coconut combinations. The vanilla and driftwood round out the fragrance PERFECTLY. I will definitely be repurchasing!

I’m enjoying the scents, but the candles arrived all melted… I’m burning what was left of them.

Hi Barbara!
I'm sorry the candles arrived melted! Sometimes this happens in the heat. However, we always want your Calyan experience to be 5-star. I just sent a message to get you a replacement. Happy to hear you're enjoying the scents. We will have brand new samples to you soon.

My favorite candles!

I love these candles! They smell so good, natural, and fresh and last a long time. I have a few of them around the house. They make our Bible study environment so much cozier!

Smells like vacation

This candle reminds me of Maui. It’s like smelling fresh cut pineapple with a hit of coconut and tinge of musk from the driftwood. It’s not overly sweet but instead provides a wonderful balance of scents that make me feel like I’m on vacation. It also has a great throw and fills the whole room. And I love the fun label! I definitely recommend you give it a try! I’ll likely have to buy another soon since I keep it lit most days.