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Hear what our customers are saying about our long lasting, natural soy candles. Handcrafted in Texas and 5% of all sales go to end human trafficking in America.
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Lovely scent

Sometimes I have trouble finding a holiday scent I can handle, but this one is lovely.

Wonderful Combination

The relaxing elements of lavender with the refreshing scent of bergamot has me thinking this would be a perfect afternoon tea! Love the natural essential oils. I cannot take chemicals. Thank you for all you do in the world!

Holidays in a jar! Literally!

This candle is truly the bees knees! I absolutely LOVE the scent that comes from it! It is cozy and warm vibes locked up and then released once lit! I highly recommend this candle for anyone that wants their home to smell/feel like the holidays! <3

Candles Make Great Christmas Gifts

I bought 3 Home and Holiday Candles. One is for my daughter and I will keep two on hand for gifts. The fragrance has a cinnamon base and is perfect for Christmas, but will be welcome year round. Buying an American made product that also gives back and supports anti-trafficking causes is an important bonus!

Excellent product

This is my first time buying the warmer. I found this product a perfect decorating piece for my daughter’s new apartment. Even though she does not have kids, she has a small dog and I wanted something safer for her home. I am sure she will enjoy this gift because the warmer is beautiful and versatile as she can use it to warm candles as well. Thanks guys for such a great product!

Love the Cedar & Tobacco....takes me away to college

I found this at a tiny store in Iowa! The aroma enveloped me and owner took me to your product. I LOVE this. It transforms my hygge winter experience here in the midwest. I was shocked to find it listed as tobacco as I am quite anti-smoking. However, this is warmth personified! Thank you for this wonderful product!


Love the lavender bergamot smell! Great candle. Smell lingers throughout the house

Beautiful Scent for Holidays

This candle is gorgeous and the scent is not too sweet as many holiday candles are. For me, it's important to support the cause and it's important to not have harmful chemicals. It was an easy sell for me to get a few of these for gifts. Thank you for all you do!

Great option

I am very sensitive to certain scents, and it's hard to commit to a candle scent not knowing whether or not I'd like it. This is a wonderful way to try all the scents, mark my favorites on the card, and gift the rest to friends who might like them better. I will definitely be buying a bigger version of my favorites!

So Many Awesome Scents

Only $10 to sample ALL of the scents?! What! Wha! I love the ability to try a sample before committing to a full size candle! Ingenious!!

Warm and Cozy

After a long day at work, it’s nice and inviting to come home and relax. Light a candle that provides a flickering of light to a room, with soft citrus scents, that has a hint of masculinity. I have many favorite Calyan Wax Co. This one was my first love! And supporting a company on mission to light the world for others! That’s definitely a place I shop!!

Home + Holiday Wax Melt
Sheila Dalesio
Wax melts

Besides the good work of this organization, the products they make are wonderful. I can use the wax melts without feeling like I can’t breathe as I do with other synthetic smelling melts I’ve purchased from other companies. It’s a win win!

No scent at all

My first leather and oak candle I purchased from a local boutique. I was so excited to find out I could order direct, because My whole family loves this candle.. I was very disappointed when I received my candle and wax melts. There is no scent when burning at all with the candle and the wax melts can barley be smelled. Maybe a bad batch? Product change?


We not only love Calyan Candles (home and holiday) but what they stand for!! God has richly blessed Jacob and his faithfulness to serve others! Give a candle for any season for any reason! Melvin and Carol Cooper


So happy I found this company. The candles have clean ingredients, smell great, look great, and support a great cause. I had a few hiccups (my own typo & a broken candle due to rough handling) and the customer service was fantastic! 100% recommend!

Lovely candles for a worthy cause

I love Calyan Candles, especially the desert and agave scented ones, as a gift for friends and family! It smells amazing- complex and not too sweet- and I love raising awareness of a good cause by making a donation and sharing the thank you note with the gift recipient.


Smells like Fresh Balsam from BBW withOUT the chemicals and nasty ingredients & burn time is WAY longer!! You really get a quality product 1000% worth it!!

Sweet and comforting

I was hesitant to get this candle as I thought it would be too sweet for my liking. Boy, was I wrong! It is the comforts of coming home to Mom’s house with all the delicious smells of baking. Apples, Cinnamon, and maple syrup! The sweetness is perfect and lingers for a reminder of happiness is found at Home 💜

Love these candles!

I love every candle I ordered. Can’t wait to get more!

Favorite scent!

Smells as good as the candle just get to enjoy them in my warmer. ❤️

Excellent candles, excellent company, excellent cause!

My daughter gave me one of your candles in a flower arrangement for my birthday in September. The fragrance of the candle(Apples and Maple Bourbon) was beautiful and long lasting. My friends have complimented and asked me where can they get these candles. When I told them about where some of the proceeds are distributed, they said that they will be ordering their candles from Calyan Wax for their Christmas gifts! I’m now on my second candle, Evergreen + Eucalyptus! Love it🥰


The smell reminds me of a camping trip when I was young. Just a clean aromatic smell. Fresh! My new favorite candle scent.

What a smell!

This candle made my room smell like a brand new car before I even lit it! All of Calyan’s candles are amazing, and I don’t have to feel bad for spending the money since I know part of the proceeds go to a wonderful cause.

Love this candle warmer

I love this candle warmer. i’ve been using it with the candle melts, and it really allows you to smell the scent. I’ve noticed when lighting some candles you can smell smoke from the flame and the scent of the candle. it’s also very aesthetically pleasing and goes well with my mid century modern bedroom

Holiday Ready!

I love the home + holiday candle! I get them every year at this time! My home gets to smell great while also giving to a great cause! Calyan are my favorite candles! 🕯 ❤️