Better smelling, cleaner candles or your money back. Give hope to survivors of trafficking! ⭐ Free shipping for orders over $100 📦

A deeper look into Calyan

Here is a deeper dive into the heart and method of Calyan:

Calyan Wax Co. was founded on the belief that social change starts small. There are so many injustices in our world. So many problems that seem so large and complex that we think they will never be solved. Restoration and order seem too lofty—too far off…

That’s where the power of simple, everyday socially-conscious purchases comes in. It brings a massive, unsolvable social issue all the way down to an understandable, easy transaction.

That is the basis of Calyan.

A simple way to make a tangible difference in our local communities. A blend of sustainable, profitable business and tangible social work. A quality, exciting, affordable, environmentally-friendly product that leads to lives being restored. A movement against human trafficking that starts with a simple candle flame.

You will find Calyan to be an enjoyable purchase, you will find yourself on the forefront of a grand social mission to end human trafficking in America.