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Calyan Going Forward

Dear Supporter, 

From the time Calyan was a glimmer of a thought in my mind, I knew one thing was of paramount importance.


When running a social venture, there is no room for confusing or vague language around how you donate or support your social cause. That is why we operate on a "portion of revenue" donation model. In other words, the money we charge our customers to purchase our products (this revenue figure does not include sales tax collected as that is simply passed on to the government.)

Starting June 1st, 2019 our donation amount will be 5% of revenue. Ex. you buy a candle from us for $25, we donate $1.25 to our trusted partner.

Strategy nugget: There is immense power in the mass commerce market (specifically the candle market). We are simply directing some of those resources to a worthy social cause. 

We believe in a holistic approach to solving the human trafficking problem. Our ultimate goal is to be a resource for strategic prevention, prosecution, and restoration efforts throughout the U.S. As we grow and have more funds available, we plan to come alongside nonprofits that specialize in each of these segments with the resources they need. Where private donations and government grants lack, we want to supplement. Ultimately, drastically reducing the amount of human trafficking activity in America.

This is a big goal. It can seem overwhelming. But, I am constantly reminded that big social change starts small. It starts with daily decisions. Calyan is one of those small decisions. 

I am beyond thankful for your support, your encouragement, and your partnership. May we all use our lives to impact those around us for the better.