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Donation Day! August 6th, 2020

The Traffick911 team and the Calyan Wax Co. team at the Calyan candle shop in Arlington, TX.

Donation Day!! 

Because of you and your support, we are donating $6,688.94 to our partner non-profit, Traffick911! This is our second donation this year and with this donation, we have surpassed $61,000 in total donations. This is all possible because of your decision to enjoy Calyan candles! Every purchase adds up. All these donations are being used by Traffick911 to support the healing journey of so many brave young people in our community!

Today, we were privileged to host some of the Traffick911 team at our new candle shop! We were so happy to hear that their team is growing! They are adding more mentors and advocates to their team which means they will be able to connect with and empower more survivors/overcomers of trafficking. This is great news!

And you might notice that our team at Calyan is growing too! We've added two new team members(Kayla and Jacob) since our last donation. We can't say enough good things about this hardworking team. They are awesome.

Thanks for all the support, friends! Keep enjoying the candles. Let's continue to give hope together!