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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is just around the corner! Snag one of these masculine candles for the dad, husband, or brother in your life. 

Our team at Calyan Wax Co. tends to favor earthy and woodsy candle scents. You might consider us experts on masculine candles 🤷. Here are our BEST masculine candles for the men in your life.

Earthy Candle Collection

Before anything else, we have the perfect combo of our favorite earthy candles! Bundle these candles together and save when you purchase our Earthy Candle Collection. 

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earthy woodsy candle collection by calyan wax co

Vetiver + Tonka

This candle has become on of our most popular candles we make! The entire Calyan team loves it and you'll soon know why. Vetiver is a woodsy dry grass and tonka beans give off a scent of vanilla. Add some spicy black pepper, some cardamom, and a touch of orange zest and this candle comes to life.

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vetiver tonka soy candle by calyan wax co

Oakmoss + Amber

We've been making this scent for almost 5 years and it has never disappointed. It's a classic and it's a crowdpleaser. If you want to play it safe and gift one of our most popular candles since day one, grab an Oakmoss + Amber candle!

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oakmoss amber calyan wax co candle

Musk + Teakwood

Spicy black pepper, on a bed of faint vanilla and warm sandalwood. Then add some notes of leather and musk. This candle doesn't play around. It's warm, cozy, and all around delicious. 

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musk teakwood calyan wax co candle

Aspen + Fog

Inspired by long hikes through the Rockies. This candle will give you the energy you need to get back our and explore the great outdoors. A spicy and sweet blend of mountain air, pine, piñon bark, and embers.

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aspen fog calyan wax co candle

Cedar + Tobacco

Another classic crowd-pleasing Calyan scent. Cedar + Tobacco is warm and inviting and gives off notes of warm cedar, vanilla, and faint pipe tobacco. Super popular with the dudes!

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cedar tobacco soy candle by calyan wax co

Smoke + Leather

Similar to Aspen + Fog but with more campfire smelling notes. This candle smells like you're surrounded by tall pine trees, sitting around the campfire with friends, and relaxing under the bright stars overhead. 

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smoke leather calyan wax co candle