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I love soy candles

If you asked me 3 years ago if I would be making soy candles for a living, I would have simply not answered the question. Life is funny though. Today, I will be making my way to our Texas-based candle shop to get melting and pouring candles.

I did not grow up with a love for candles. As you can see, I did not develop a love for candles until recently in my life.

Why do I love soy candles? I like them because everyone else likes them…

Wait, that’s a pretty lame reason to like something. Hear me out.

I began my journey into soy candle making by coming to the conclusion that I needed to do something about human trafficking. [Hear me out]. I first developed the idea that we should use a for-profit business model to bring an exciting product to market that will engage us everyday people in a social endeavor.

The business was to operate on a give-back model meaning portions of its revenue would be donated to trusted anti-human trafficking nonprofits. The goal: to provide an affordable, practical, exciting way for every American to take part in ending human trafficking.

For this to work, I needed a product that we all use. Something that is in most homes in America. Something that we could craft and sell at a reasonable price point so that we could all afford to take part in this grand social mission against human trafficking.

Candles fit the bill. Then came the sustainability question. We knew we were going to craft what we sell, but could we use materials that are environmentally friendly. Soy wax fit that bill. Then came our packaging made from recycled material. Sustainability. Check.

I think we’re onto something here: soy candles that help end human trafficking. Could that work? Could we create a soy candle that will engage each American in social advocacy? We’re going to find out.

Follow along with us. Try one of our products out. Witness the social impact we are making together. Let us know what you think!