Better smelling, cleaner candles or your money back. Give hope to survivors of trafficking! ⭐ Free shipping for orders over $100 📦

Meet The Calyan Team

Hello and welcome to Calyan Wax Company. Watch this video to see the faces of our team and get a short tour of our candle shop!


The Calyan Wax Co. Team

In order of appearance...

Amy, expert social media strategist and event planner.

Kaleb, Chief Candle Maker and oversees all our candle production.

Curtis, expert Scent Finder and scientist.

Production Team: Emma, Isaiah, Dawson, Christian, Ron, and Matthew. Missing Cassie 🙁. This team makes the best candles in the world!

Tabi, the Queen of Fulfillment. Expert candle shipper with great music taste.

Stephen, marketer/photographer/graphic designer/email sender/snacks buyer/etc.

Micah, Logistics and Operations, makes sure we all communicate well and we have the data we need!

Hope, (not in the video but she is amazing!) Head of Accounts. Makes sure that all our store partners are happy and have the candles they need for their customers.

Jacob, founder/dreamer/initial-candle-maker

Who We Are

We started Calyan Wax Co. in 2017 with one mission: provide a simple way for everyday Americans to join the fight against trafficking in the United States. Every time you place an order of our candles, you are giving hope brave survivors of . Calyan donates 5% of our revenue to our awesome partner non-profit, Traffick911. 

Why did we start making candles?

Jacob made his first candle in his bedroom in 2016. He was dreaming of a business that provided everyday Americans a simple way to give back to end human trafficking in their communities. He chose candles because they are a common household product, they can be made in-house, they allow for repeat purchases, and we can share the beautiful message of "bringing light to a dark world".

How has the Calyan team grown?

Calyan Wax Co. officially launched in 2017. Jacob quit his job selling roofs Several weeks after the new business started, Stephen started helping Jacob make candles while also working his job at the hospital. Stephen soon left his hospital job and became Calyan’s second full-time employee. 

Jacob's brother Isaiah joined the Calyan team as head of candle production. Other friends from church were also heavily involved in the candle-making: Mark, Chris, Robbie, and Curtis. Kaleb took over as head of candle production and still remains in this role. Blake and Micah jumped in on the candle-making action and Micah is now Calyan's head of logistics. 

Keep in mind, this candle making is all happening in a 200 square foot garage behind Jacob’s mom’s house (Thanks Vivian!). We maxed that place out! In March of 2020, Calyan moved from this small garage to a 6,400 square foot facility in south Arlington. 

In our new candle shop, we have added even more people to our team! Hope, Tabi, Cassie, Amy, Ron, Christian, Matthew, Emma, Dawson, Trinity, and Hannah. 

This hard-working team is seriously the best. They’re incredible people, fantastic candle-makers, and just super fun to be around. Come by the candle shop sometime and we would love to say “hey”! Thanks for all your support of our candle company as well as our mission to give hope!