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Mother's Day Candle Gift Guide

We may be biased, but nothing says, “Hey mom, I love you and I think you're the best!” like a 100% soy wax scented candle. 

Let’s be honest, MOMS ROCK!
And they deserve to be celebrated.

Here are 6 scents we recommend to help you celebrate your mom this Mother's Day!

Seaside + Citrus

Is your mom the ‘kicks off her shoes, sprints towards the water, soaking up the sun till the sun goes down, ready to do it all over again tomorrow’ kinda mom? This scent will send her mind straight to the beach with smelling notes of sea mist, verbena, and mandarin.

Seaside + Citrus Glass Tumbler soy candle

Grapefruit + Flora

This scent pairs well with a great novel, a fresh cup of tea, and a sunrise coming through the open window. If this describes your mom, give her this calming blend of grapefruit, rose petal, and iris.

Grapefruirt flora soy candle with lighter

The Legacy Candle

For all the moms out there who are world changers (really all moms are world changers!), this candle makes the biggest impact! Rather than our normal donation of 5% donated per purchase, we donate $10 to our partner non-profit every time someone purchases The Legacy Candle on our site. Enjoy the sophisticated blend of apricot, honeycomb, and pomegranate in a stunning limited edition copper-toned vessel.

The Legacy Candle

Lavender + Bergamot

How could we leave this one out? Nothing says “Hey mom, relax and slow down.” like the smell of lavender blended with sweet citrus lemon. Help her enjoy some peace with this calming scent. 

Lavender + Bergamot soy candle in a black vessel


Desert + Agave

Desert roses, sandy landscapes, light rainfall, and not a forest in sight. This candle is for any mom heard saying, “You know what I love? That sweet smell in the air right after a gentle rain.” 

Desert + Agave soy candle in a black vessel

Vetiver + Tonka

Refined, rich, and luxurious. This sophisticated scent has been said to smell like a well-dressed man. For other scents that tend to be more masculine, try Oakmoss + Amber, Cedar + Tobacco, Musk + Teakwood, or Aspen + Fog.

Vetiver + Tonka soy candle in an apartment living area


Thanks for reading our 2021 Mothers Day Gift Guide full of our natural, 100% soy wax candles! Each purchase provides a beautiful gift for your mom while also contributing to a worthy social mission. Give back with candles! Read all about why we give back.

We know she will feel happy and loved with any of these scents! We hope you and your family have a wonderful Mother’s Day this year!