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Triple Impact Weekend 2022

Triple Impact Weekend : 15% Of All Online Sales Donated

It's time for Triple Impact Weekend! This weekend, Nov. 4th - 6th, is all about raising more funds for our partner non-profit Traffick911.

All year long, we donate 5% of all our online revenue to our partner non-profit Traffick911. But this weekend only we are donating 15% of all online revenue to Traffick911!

Shop now and triple your impact with us!

Free Candle With Every Purchase

To celebrate Triple Impact Weekend, we are offering a free 4 oz candle with ANY purchase! Here's how to get your free candle.

Step 1. Add any item(s) to your cart. The more the better!

Step 2. Add any 4 oz. amber jar to your cart.

Step 3. Watch the free promo apply to the 4 oz. amber jar.

Step 4. Enjoy your savings and enjoy the fact that you are tripling your impact this weekend!

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Why Triple Impact?

1. It's all part of our mission to give you a simple way to make a difference in the lives of trafficking survivors. This weekend is all about increasing our impact together and doing more good. That's what Calyan Wax Co. is all about!

2. We want to change the way businesses think about sales, generosity, and giving back. What if running a company wasn't all about making more money just to put it in your own pocket? What if instead of offering a typical 15% off sale, we donated 15% of all sales to support a valuable cause? We decided to start a "sale" like no other sale. Triple Impact Weekend: a weekend in November that is all about GIVING to others. 15% of all sales donated to give hope. 

To the Impact Maker

To all the impact makers, world changers, and difference makers, this weekend is the perfect time to stock up on candles if you want to make the greatest impact in the fight against trafficking. Shop our candles today and let's give hope together.

If you have any questions about our mission or or mindset, please do no hesitate to reach out. Anyone on our team is happy to share what Calyan is all about. Email us at

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