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What to do in this crazy world

My heart is heavy at the moment. Being an entrepreneur, optimism (sometimes too much, admittedly) runs through my blood. I have to be that way in order to push through all the hurdles of creating a new brand. Even more so, when fighting against the dark world of sex trafficking.

But days like today, the optimism is replaced with realism and sadness. The current event of mass shooting in Las Vegas is so disheartening, and frankly, scary. The world has always been evil– always selfish, always deceitful. But these events seem to bring that fact to a new reality.

In addition, we were recently attacked by some slimy scammers who tried to bring us into their fraudulent operations. What kind of people are behind such things?

People who choose to devote their life to evil. To relish the dark world. To pursue the emptiness of the world. It is a sad fact. And it destroys lives.

Calyan Wax Co. was founded with one goal in mind: To bring light and give hope to a dark, hurting world. We recognize the evil that exists around us and want to do something about it. We can’t sit idly by while the vulnerable are being taken advantage of. We have to fight back against the darkness of this world. We have to stay hopeful that one day sex trafficking, mass shootings, and all evil won’t exist.

I urge you to recognize the darkness within yourself and your community and do something about it. Whether its joining a positive community, attending your local church, or getting on your knees and praying. We have to stand for the light beginning with ourselves!