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5 Ways To Support Small Businesses During the Upcoming 2022 Holiday Season

Calyan Wax Co Team

The amazing Calyan Wax Co. Team

 Hi friends!

We are proud to be a small business with a group of 15-20 hardworking team members. In the past 5 years of business, we have been privileged to learn a few things about running a small business. Let us be clear, it is not for the faint of heart. Running a small business is TOUGH and takes more time and effort than you initially think it will. Mad respect for all our fellow small business owners out there! Keep up the great work!

Small businesses always need your support. Obviously, COVID was (and still is) an incredibly tough time for small businesses. And even now in fall of 2022 there's been further economic developments and talk of a "recession". Small businesses are under even more pressure and many have already closed their doors. Let's stand up and support them during this tough time!

Based on our experience, here are 5 simple ways that you can support small businesses in 2022. 

Note: the links below make it simple to support Calyan Wax Co. specifically. We also recommend doing these things for any other local businesses you can think of!

1. Leave a positive review

Simply leaving a positive review on a small business's website or on Google is SO helpful! Do you have a small business you frequent or a small business product that you absolutely love? Take 5 minutes to write a short review. The small business owner in your area will be encouraged to read your review, and because of your recommendation, more customers in your area will support the small business you love.

Click here to leave a review on Calyan Wax Co's Website

Click here to leave a positive review of Calyan Wax Co. on Google

2. Make a purchase

This one is obvious and is honestly the most crucial. Businesses need to make money in order to keep their doors open. Without regular income, the local businesses in your area will shut down and the owners will have to find another job. You can encourage business owners and cheer them on and that's fantastic. But if you do not make a purchase with a small business, you are missing out on the most important way you can support them. 

We get it, you can't be responsible for ALL local businesses in your area. How are you supposed to support that many businesses?! Instead, how about you choose 2-3 of your favorite small businesses and think of some daily/weekly/monthly ways you can show support. Here's one idea: get coffee with a friend at a local coffee shop once a week. Our Marketing Director, Stephen, gets coffee with a friend once a week at a local coffee shop. Making a purchase like this is one of the most if not THE most important way to support local businesses.

Make a purchase of our most popular candles that give back to others

3. Share or engage with a small business on social media

You'd be surprised how far a like or comment can go! When you see some great content from a local small business, make sure you let them know. It can often be intimidating for a small business owner to get on social media and promote their product or service. They would be so thankful and encouraged to get a short message from you that says "Hey! You're doing an awesome job!" 

Whatever your platform of choice is, we encourage you to like, comment, and share small business posts and videos to help these businesses grow!

Connect with Calyan Wax Co. on Instagram or Facebook or TikTok

4. Join a small business email list

For many small businesses, email is the #1 way they connect with their customers. This is true for us at Calyan Wax Co! Our email list is where we announce all of our new products and exciting news. It's how our customers get the inside scoop on what's up at Calyan. We would love for you to join our list!

Tell your friends to join the email list! Small businesses don't have huge marketing budgets to go get a bunch of new emails. They rely heavily on word-of-mouth marketing from customers like you! 

Sign up for Calyan Wax Co's email list

5. Work or volunteer with a local business

Have some extra time in your week to offer to a small business? Are you an accountant that can help a small business owner manage their P&L statements so they can make strategic financial decisions for the future? Are you a photographer on the side and would you be willing to take some photos to help promote a small business?

These are just a few ways you can volunteer or work for a small business and help them grow. Get creative and volunteer your skills to a local business you love. Who knows, they may even give you a free drink, baked good, or candle in return ;)

Want to volunteer with Calyan Wax Co? Send us a message and let's talk!

View job openings at Calyan Wax Co.

6. Bonus: Simply send a message and say "You're awesome!"

"Hey, you're awesome." Who wouldn't want to hear that? We will never get tired of those messages. 

Send a message to Calyan Wax Co. saying "You're Awesome"

Thank you, friends, for reading and for supporting the local businesses in your community. We would love to hear about the local businesses you love to support! You can reach us through the link below. 

Send us a message!