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Donation Day! $8,574.58 Raised to Give Hope

Hello Impact Makers!

It's Donation Day! Towards the end of every month, we send over a donation to our partner non-profit, Traffick911. This donation is 5% of our total company revenue for the month prior. It's all part of our company mission to give you a simple way to join the fight against trafficking in America.

Learn more about why our donations are based on revenue and NOT based on profits.

Calyan monthly donation to end trafficking

This month, we are exciting to be donating $8,574.58 to Traffick911 to support their work serving young survivors of sex trafficking! These funds will be used by Traffick911 to buy gifts for survivors, celebrate graduation parties, throw baby showers, provide medical attention, and more! Learn more about Traffick911's work here or visit their website,

You Make This Donation Possible

Thank you, friends! Every time you enjoy Calyan candles, you are part of these donations and the mission to give hope to others. We are humbled and honored to partner with you to fund awesome non-profits like Traffick911. 

Ready to contribute to next month's donation? 5% of all orders online are donated to Traffick911! All you have to do is enjoy our 100% soy, non-toxic, eco-friendly, beautifully-smelling candles. Let's give hope together!