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Entering into a Difficult Space with Hope

Hi friends!
Recently, our partner non-profit, Traffick911, posted this powerful photo and story. We wanted to share it with you so you knew the kind of work your candle purchase is supporting. We are honored and proud to support Traffick911's team of advocates as they serve young survivors in need.

image of traffick911 post on instagram
We love this amazing story from Traffick911:

"Recently, one of our advocates responded to a crisis call for a 13 year old girl recovered from trafficking in North Texas. The Traffick911 advocate dropped everything and drove to physically be with her, bringing food and a new set of comfortable clothes. Entering into a difficult space with hope. ⠀

With tears in her eyes, she said she doesn't remember the last time she received a gift. She is safe today, but after the trauma of her recent experiences, she likely doesn’t feel safe.

This is why our specialized team responds to each recovery within 60 minutes: we establish what is called “felt safety,” helping them feel secure during chaotic moments, by gifting them with a soft teddy bear, blanket, and other necessities to mark a new beginning."

posted on 9-15-2021


A Gift with Purpose

It's amazing how just a simple gift can mean so much. A gift like this is especially powerful when you are a young survivor of trafficking coming from a situation where everyone seems to take and take and never give. We want this 13 year old girl to know that she is worthy to be celebrated and loved. That's why we are proud to support Traffick911 and we love the way they empower these young people in need. 

Candles with Purpose

Your purchase of Calyan candles supports Traffick911 and even contributes to these gifts that they give to survivors. You are part of this story. With your help, Traffick911 can create more moments of "felt safety". More survivors can be safe and soon feel safe.
5% of all Calyan revenue is donated to Traffick911. That's 5% of your online purchase of candles. All you have to do it enjoy candles and together we are brining hope to others. 
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