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The Complete Fall Candle Guide for Fall 2022

The ultimate fall candle guide

Arguably the best time of year, fall season is loved for its cooler temps, warm baked goods, cozy sweaters, and of course, fall candles!

What's the fall season without a Pumpkin + Spices candle or an Apples + Maple Bourbon candle? Answer: we don't want to know and neither should you. 

Check out this list of our favorite fall-themed scents to keep your fall and holiday season cozy and bright. Every purchase of candle supports the mission to restore dignity and freedom to brave survivors of trafficking in the USA. Shop give-back candles today

Pumpkin + Spices

The sweetest and coziest pumpkin dessert, freshly baked and full of sugary, nutmeg-y goodness. No fall candle guide would be complete with out this delicious Pumpkin + Spices candle. Note: despite smelling like mouth-watering pumpkin desserts, this candle is not meant for consumption :).

Pumpkin and Spices 100% Soy Wax Candles on a Spice Background with Fall Decor

Apples + Maple Bourbon

Fresh picked apples mixed with warm vanilla and spicy cinnamon. Our Apples + Maple Bourbon has been called the #1 fall candle by our customers. Reminds us of freshly baked apple pie on a cool October afternoon.

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apples and maple bourbon candle calyan wax co

Cedar + Tobacco

Freshly chopped cedar firewood blended with the smell of faint pipe smoke.

cedar and tobacco 100% soy candle for the fall

Evergreen + Eucalyptus

Walking through acres of pine trees in searching for the perfect Christmas tree for the family. This candle is one of our most popular scents ever, especially as the Christmas season approaches.

evergreen and eucalyptus soy candle calyan wax co fall candle guide 2022

Aspen + Fog

A mountain trail surrounded by tall aspen trees. Sitting by the campfire with friends, wrapped in a cozy wool blanket while staring at the embers. 

 aspen and fog calyan wax co candle

Vetiver + Tonka

Cozy scents of cardamom and nutmeg on a rich bed of vanilla-like tonka bean. This scent has developed a cult following due to its luxurious and sophisticated body and spicy top notes. We've even gotten requests to turn this scent into a personal fragrance.

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vetiver and tonka soy candle by calyan wax co

Musk + Teakwood

Snuggling up by a wood burning stove. Warm and spicy aromas of sandalwood, black pepper, and patchouli.

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 musk and teakwood calyan wax co candle

Home + Holiday

An afternoon full of holiday baked treats and all the cinnamon, vanilla, and spice you could ask for. When Christmas hits, we'll be reaching for one of these Home + Holiday candles.

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home and holiday black tumbler soy candle by calyan wax co 

Fraser Fir + Clove

A hay ride through the pine trees at a pumpkin patch with a cup of hot apple cider in your hand. A brand new scent for 2022! Only here for a limited time. 

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Fraser Fir + Clove soy candles by calyan wax co

Redwood + Vanilla

An early morning stroll from the cabin through the redwoods, wrapped in your favorite cashmere sweater.

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 redwood vanilla candle on a table next to a couch