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The Story of Calyan

You are reading the very first Calyan Wax Company blog post. You are either witnessing the beginning of a high-impact and high-revenue business that becomes not only a household name, but also a key leader in the fight against sex trafficking in America—Or just another handcrafted candle business that gets lost in a vast sea of soy wax and fades away rather quickly. I am hoping and praying for the first option.

The inspiration for Calyan came from a deep longing for justice to be had in places where it seems it is so far away. During my college years, I studied on horrific genocides, systematic rape, mass enslavement (human trafficking), broken or non-existent criminal justice systems, among countless other injustices occurring around the world. I also attended a Passion conference in Houston, TX. It is here where I heard of the true magnitude of human trafficking—specifically through the End It Movement. This series of events caused me to brainstorm ways I could counter these problems with a dear friend of mine, Tyler Moore. 

While on a trip in Panama City with a college ministry called CRU, I remember the idea of a “nonprofit police force in Congo” coming to mind. I wanted to give some law and order to an area where the current government could not. The idea was met with enthusiasm by Tyler. I believe this is the true starting point for what is now Calyan. This is where the true passion was born. 

Realizing the practical and logistical complications of our nonprofit police force, Tyler and I settled on starting an apparel company called Raising Justice. The company gave people practical outlets to take part in the fight against human trafficking—similar to Calyan’s model. Raising Justice was an amazing business experience and set the foundation for Calyan over its two years of existence. While RJ faded away, the passion remained.

Through the next year, the idea for a social business that gives the everyday person a simple way to be part of a complex fight against a complex issue festered within me. Other doors in my life were closing, God’s timing was becoming apparent to me, and I felt as if destiny was closing in on me.  I had no other choice but to pursue my passion for justice for the victims of sex trafficking in America.

Calyan Wax Company was born—A company that thrives on passion, strives for perfect quality, and cares deeply for the environment. A company that brings light to a dark, hidden world. A company that gives jobs to passionate, diligent working people. A company that would rather enrich the lives of others that itself or its owner. Most importantly, a company that lays in your hands the opportunity to be a part of a cause much larger than yourself.