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Tea Light Sample Kit Soy Wax

Tealight Flight (Sample Kit)

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Find your next favorite Calyan fragrance with this tealight sample kit!

Step 1: Order Tealight Flight
Step 2: Receive your Tealight Flight
Step 3: Smell test our 9 amazing scents
Step 4: Pick your favorite scent
Step 5: Order your full size candle in your new favorite Calyan Wax Co. scent

Our Tealight Flight includes one tealight sample of each of our 9 current fragrances. Made with all natural soy wax and fragrances infused with essential oils. Handcrafted by our team in North Texas. 

Scents included:
Oakmoss + Amber | Musk + Teakwood | Cedar + Tobacco | Apples + Maple Bourbon | Evergreen + Eucalyptus | Fig + Seagrass | Lavender + Bergamot | Desert + Agave | Leather + Oak(NEW)


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Handcrafted in Texas.

5% of your purchase is used to fund strategic anti-human trafficking operations in America.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great Idea, and Easy!

I got the sample kit to determine which scents might work best for me. My boyfriend and I enjoyed smelling each one and discussing our favorites. I love that the company offers quality products for a good cause. Upon seeing the handwritten note that came with it in the mail, I exclaimed, “This is why I love shopping local!” This new DFW resident who came from out of state feels proud! I look forward to ordering my first full-size candles.


First and foremost, this is the best idea since slicing bread. I’m always iffy when ordering candles online but this flight of tealights solved that problem. I just got them in yesterday but have tried a few and all of them smell AMAZING so far. I can see that I will have a problem picking which ones to order full-size. I had a minor problem with my order right after I ordered (my fault, i accidentally selected pick-up instead of delivery). I replied to my order confirmation e-mail and within 20 mins, the issue was resolved so I believe that speaks their level of customer service.

I see this as the start of a beautiful relationship and I cannot wait to smell my way through this flight so that I can order my full sized candles.

TeaLight Flight

I ordered the sampler kit so that my wife and I could determine what types of candles we enjoy the most. We have a problem because we like so many
Oak Moss Amber, Ever green eucalyptus and Desert Agave Lavender Bergamot for my wife and I enjoy Maple Bourbon and Cedar Tobacco. We are loveing the way these candles make our house feel more like home! Thank you so much for making these products available and we love hearing about how your company is making a difference in saving lives!

Tealight Sampler

What a great way to sample all the smells!! I love these candles and the fact that I am making a difference in the fight against sex trafficking with each purchase. Anxious to visit the new shop!


So excited to have the opportunity to burn all of the varieties of candle scents. Great, economical way to decide on your favorites and all were my favs! Can’t wait to order and even more excited my purchase goes towards such an impactful cause!
Really unique, fresh scents!


I originally bought these candles because I thought it was a cool cause and because an extended family member helped found the company.
NOW I buy these candles because not only is it an important mission, but they’re also just really really great candles 😌

Worth the price!

Oh. my. gosh! My husband went to grapevine TX during the holidays and brought me back one of these candles (evergreen & eucalyptus) which i currently keep in my master bathroom, the smell is amazing but what even more impressive is without it being lit my whole bathroom smells like this candle and i have the smallest size. I’m so happy i can order online and i love that there is a sample kit, that is gonna be my first online order! So Excited :)

About Us

We are on a mission to craft the best soy candle products in America; natural soy candles that smell wonderful and that are safe for your home. We also have a passion to see human trafficking come to an end and to support the work of our trusted nonprofit partner. We invite you to join this mission by simply enjoying a candle.

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