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Find your next favorite Calyan fragrance with this tealight sample kit!

Step 1: Order Tealight Flight
Step 2: Receive your Tealight Flight
Step 3: Smell test our 9 amazing scents
Step 4: Pick your favorite scent
Step 5: Order your full size candle in your new favorite Calyan Wax Co. scent

Our Tealight Flight includes one tealight of each of our 9 current fragrances. 

Oakmoss + Amber | Musk + Teakwood | Cedar + Tobacco | Apples + Maple Bourbon | Evergreen + Eucalyptus | Fig + Seagrass | Lavender + Bergamot | Desert + Agave | Leather + Oak(NEW)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great candles

Thank you for offering the tealights as a way to try the scents. I wish more companies would do this!
I love all the scents, although I do have my favorites. I am OBSESSED with the musk and teakwood scent. I originally bought these candles to test the scents and see how strong they are. I lit the evergreen and eucalyptus first last night, and that tiny candle made my whole room smell good! I am so excited about the quality of these candles, and the amazing scents. Now I just have to figure out which scents I need in the whole candles, although to be honest, I may need them all.


Loved every one of these scents, I don't even know which one I would choose as a favorite, lol! My daughter was over at my house and "Ooo I don't know which one to choose, I literally love them all!" So hats off to you guys, you just keep upping the candle industry level!!

Love sampling the scents!

I love that y'all have this sampler! With so many scents to choose from, I'm glad that I was able to smell them all! All of them are great but I found a couple of favorites that I otherwise may have been hesitant to try; I'm definitely going to be snagging some full size candles next!

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