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Our Story

Our story

Driven by the desire to give Americans a simple way to join the fight against trafficking, we set out to build a candle company that does just that. Since our humble beginnings in 2017, it's been amazing to see the impact that we have been able to make together!

Calyan Wax Co. is run by a small (but growing!) team in North Texas. We design, develop, and create every candle from scratch with an obsessive dedication to beauty, quality, and performance. The result? Nothing but the best candles on the market that we're proud to put our names on.

The full Calyan Wax Co team in Arlington, Texas
Image of candles being poured at Calyan Wax Co's Candle shop in Arlington, Texas

Our Mission

Our mission

Our mission is simple: we want to craft the best soy candle products while providing a simple way for you to join the fight against human trafficking in the USA. We do this by donating 5% of all Calyan revenue on a monthly basis to our partner nonprofit, Traffick911. See the impact we've been able to make together.

Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing crimes in the US. So many Americans want to do something to help but need a simple action step to get started. With every purchase of Calyan candles, you are raising funds for trusted anti-trafficking non-profits and bringing hope to brave survivors of trafficking in America.

Who We Support

Calyan Wax Co Supports Traffick911 in the fight against trafficking in the USA


Traffick911's mission is to free youth from sex trafficking through trust-based relationships.


Our Commitment to You

Here's what you can expect from us at Calyan

The Best 100% Soy Wax Candles 

With Calyan, you can expect the absolute best 100% soy wax candles on the market. 

Fast Shipping and Fantastic Customer Service

Our team is here to serve you. Reach out and talk to us at any time.

5% of All Purchases Donated

We are completely transparent about every dollar we donate together. See our latest donation here.

Say Hi To Our Team

It takes a lot to keep Calyan going. Thankfully, we’ve got the best around. We take pride in our work. We pursue the honest way over the easy way. And we believe firmly in the impact we are making together.

All Calyan candles are made in house, from start to finish, by this hard working team in North Texas. 

Tabi Conner Head shot - Calyan Wax Co

Madeline Rampy

Order Fulfillment Specialist

Kaleb Lehman Head shot - Calyan Wax Co

Kaleb Lehman

Director of Operations

Micah Parker Head shot - Calyan Wax Co

Micah Parker

Fulfillment/Data Team Lead

Ron Walter Head shot - Calyan Wax Co.

Ron Walter

Machine Operator

Aaron Henson Head shot - Calyan Wax Co.

Aaron Henson

Production Assistant

Dawson Rampy Head shot - Calyan Wax Co.

Dawson Rampy

Customer Care Lead

Isaiah Howard Head shot - Calyan Wax Co.

Isaiah Howard

Facilities & Receiving Lead


Joshua DeSoto

Production Team Lead


Isaiah Grose

Candle Pourer


Hope Putty

Director of Sales


Emma Powell

Production Assistant


Vivian Johnson

Accounting, HR


Kendal Allen

Production Assistant


Katie Craig

Apprentice Machine Operator - Candle Pourer


Pablo Aberrisquista

Apprentice Machine Operator - Candle Pourer


Stephen Engstrom

Director of Marketing and Company Culture


Jacob Johnson