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$100,000 Donated to End Human Trafficking

100,000 dollars….We can hardly believe it! 

Calyan team celebrating

With todays donation, we have now surpassed $100,000 in funds raised for our partner non-profit, Traffick911. 

That’s $100,000 donated to fund life-transformation in the lives of brave survivors of trafficking. Traffick911 uses all these funds from candle purchases to empower and equip courageous youth on their healing journeys.

This is possible because of YOU! Pat yourself on the back. Every one of your Calyan candle purchases has contributed to this donation amount. You made this happen!

Here’s a "Thank you" video from Lindsey Speed, Executive Director of Traffick911!



This week we are donating $5,271.70 to Traffick911 which brings our total donation amount to $104,721.13. Thank you friends for enjoying our candles. Thank you for standing up and saying “no more” to trafficking in our country. 


Glass Tumbler Candles in production

This is a huge milestone for all of us but we don’t plan on slowing down! As our friends at Traffick911 have said, the journey of restoration and healing looks more like a long marathon than a quick sprint. There’s still a lot of work to be done to serve these youth and we want to continue to our support for years to come.

That is why our goal is to donate $750,000 by the end of 2023 to further fund the fight against human trafficking! Yep, this would be quite the achievement but we believe that together we can make it happen. Think of the good that can be done!


Calyan team pointing toward camera

This mission can’t happen without you. Will you join us as we bring more hope together? We hope you will!

Check out our 100K GIVEAWAY and be a part of this mission by choosing to enjoy natural soy wax candles.

However you decide to stand up for others and bring light, just know that we will champion your cause. You’ve always got a partner in the Calyan Team.