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$150,000 Raised to End Trafficking in America!

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It's Donation Time!

Howdy, friends! We just made our largest single to donation to Traffick911 to date!

This is what Calyan Wax Co. is all about, making candles and raising funds for hard-working non-profits giving freedom and hope to others in need!

On September 23rd, we donated $16,481.33 to our partner non-profit, Traffick911! We strategically made this donation during North Texas Giving Day so that our contribution would be matched by a generous donor! 

We've surpassed $150,000 in total donations!

Together, we have raised $150,318 for Traffick911 since Calyan started in 2017. Amazing!

You make these donation possible when you enjoy Calyan products! Thank YOU for choosing to support our company and the mission to serve others! Let's continue to bring light together.

The Donation Breakdown

At Calyan, we always want to be completely transparent about every dollar donated to Traffick911. We do this because we want you to be confident in the impact we are making together!

So here is a breakdown of the $16,481.33 donation we are making this month:

$11,271 of this donation is from general product sales for the past two months. This includes candles, wax melts, t-shirts, wick trimmers, warmers, and more! We donate 5% of all our monthly revenue to Traffick911. We strategically delayed our August donation in order to donate more on North Texas Giving Day (Sept. 23rd) and have our donation doubled by a generous donor!

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$4,540 of this donation is from all sales of The Legacy Candle to date. Every time you purchase a Legacy Candle, we donate $10 to Traffick911 to support the stories and legacies of brave survivors of trafficking in America.

the legacy candle apricot pomegranate and honey

$670.33 of this donation is from additional donations you made during checkout on our online store! 100% of your generous donations made at checkout are sent to Traffick911!

add a donation at checkout to support life change

Thank you from Calyan Wax Co. and Traffick911!

Every donation we make together is donated to this amazing Traffick911 team below. We are so proud to support their amazing work to restore dignity to brave youth survivors of trafficking. We love y'all, Traffick911 team! ❤️

the traffick911 team
And just in case you forgot what the Calyan Wax Co. team looks like, here's a photo of us below. We are so proud of this team and their incredible work!
If you have any encouragement for Traffick911 or our team at Calyan, we would love to hear from you! Thank you for joining us in giving hope and freedom to brave survivors of trafficking in America. Thanks, friends!
the calyan wax co team