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$2,963 Raised during Triple Impact Week!

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Hey friends! We want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who placed an order last week during our Triple Impact Week! 

15% of your purchase last week is being donated to our partner non-profit, Traffick911. This is three times our regular year-round donation amount of 5% of our revenue. 

Together, we raised $2,963 to support the healing journey of brave survivors of human trafficking. All from candle sales, and all in one week!

To put things in perspective, here’s what Traffick911 can do with $2,963:

150 meals for survivors - sharing a meal together is a powerful way for Traffick911 advocates to meet a basic need as well as provide a safe space for survivors to open up and share their feelings. This is a simple but powerful way for them to build trust with safe people.

Serve 141 Survivors for 1 day - This includes providing food and clothes (if needed), transportation to counseling appointments, and connecting them to emergency shelter (when needed).

Crisis response and empowerment services for one survivor for 5 MONTHS - Traffick911 not only responds to crisis calls, they also walk with each survivor though their healing journey. Empowerment services include assisting them in navigating rehab, counseling/therapy, walking through legal issues, and more. 

Groceries and basic needs for survivors and their families - As Traffick911 meets basic needs, they also use these occasions to discuss budgeting and meal planning for the youth they work with. This is one more way for them to empower survivors toward a sustainable future!

Learn more about Traffick911's amazing work here. Thank you for making an impact with us during Triple Impact Week! Let's continue to give hope year-round!