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An Update on Our Summer Donations

Happy Summer, friends! 

Jacob and Stephen here. 👋

We want to share a quick update on the donations we are making over the summer. The goal of this update is to have complete transparency and clarity on the impact we are making together as we support our partner nonprofit, Traffick911. We’ve made some strategic moves to our donation schedule in order to alleviate some business growing pains during our slow summer season. This is to ensure the business can operate, thrive, and continue to generate more funds for our partner nonprofit. 


This summer, in partnership with Traffick911, we will be tallying up our donation amounts and making one large donation in the fall. This donation will include all our summer 2022 donations from the month of May to October. This donation will be 5% of our revenue from these months and will be donated in October 2022.  

We normally send a donation to Traffick911 at the end of every month. This has been a regular thing for the last year or so. However, this year we will be changing our donation schedule for the summer months in order to help our business during the slower months of the year. We will not be donating on a month by month basis this summer and instead will compile all those donations into a larger donation in October.

It’s quite possible that we will continue to make edits to our donation schedule in order to best serve the business, our team at Calyan, and Traffick911. However, you can be sure of this, we will donate no matter what. Our donations and our partnership with Traffick911 are the reason we exist as a company. We love partnering with them and getting to know their amazing team. We are incredibly proud to support Traffick911's valuable and strategic work! 


We really appreciate y’alls support and always want to be transparent about our business and when/how we donate. That’s why we wanted to write this explanation for y’all. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Jacob at jacob@calyanwaxco.com or Stephen at stephen@calyanwaxco.com. You can also email the Traffick911 team to learn more about our partnership with them! We highly recommend connecting with Traffick911 and supporting their great work! Thank you, friends!

 - Jacob Johnson and Stephen Engstrom
Owners at Calyan Wax Co.

Jacob Johnson and Stephen Engstrom (Owners at Calyan Wax Co.)