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Calyan happenings

If you have blinked in the last month, you may have missed out on the adventure at Calyan Wax Co. Check out some of our latest happenings below.

For the summer, we wanted to do something fun. So, we decided to release three new scents!

Coconut Lime – We wanted a scent that would take us to the beach without paying for the hotel and airfare. Although there’s really nothing that can replace the feeling of sand between your toes, we think we’ve stumbled upon something that could easily remind us of it. Behold: Coconut Lime! It’s one of our owner’s personal faves, and it makes our candle workshop smell great.

Caribbean Teakwood – For this scent, we had in mind the idea of a type of good-smelling driftwood. Does that exist? I don’t know. Anyway, after some experimenting with different fragrances, we discovered the crisp, musky smell of Caribbean Teakwood. If you’ve been craving that type of scent, this one’s for you.

Honeydew Melon – At Calyan, we strive to be different. Using handcrafted candles to fight sex trafficking is not something you see everyday. We’re huge fans of Cucumber Melon, but with this scent, we wanted something stronger – a twist on what everybody else is doing. We landed the plane on Honeydew Melon. The touch of Honeydew really makes this scent stand out. It’s simple, refreshing, and sweet.

Also in the last month, we’ve been adding to the repertoire of items and packages we have to offer. One of the exciting new opportunities that Calyan offers is gift packages. At our website, look under OPPORTUNITIES > GIFTS. For any industry looking to show gratitude towards their clients, we are convinced that we have the best gift option for you. Keep reading.

If you didn’t know this already, our owner, Jacob, is first and foremost a craftsman. When he is not out pouring candles, you can often find him in the woodshed behind his house, working with his hands. His latest creation is a handcrafted wood gift box that comes in two sizes – one that holds six candles, and one that holds two. Check out the pic below and contact us whenever you’re in the giving mood!