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Calyan Wax Co. Donation Update | Over $120,000 Raised for Fall 2023

Hello friends!
We have an exciting update on our donation!
We've added $120,192.16 to our donation for fall 2023! This number will continue to grow until we donate the full amount this fall.
As you continue to purchase candles and room sprays, we will keep adding to this number!
This donation in the fall of 2023 will cover 5% of Calyan revenue since our last donation in October 2022. You directly contribute to these donations when you purchase Calyan products!
Each month, we will be tallying up the Calyan Wax Co. revenue and setting aside 5% of that amount for our donation in the fall.
We always donate 5% of our revenue (NOT profits/proceeds)No other candle company does this! Read more here.
Our goal is full transparency about our donations. If you have any questions, please reach out! 
Thank you for choosing Calyan Wax Co. products and for giving hope with your purchase!
- The Calyan Team