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Calyan [You]: part of the solution to human trafficking

The Calyan team recently attended a fundraising dinner for the International Justice Mission ( It was incredible to learn more about the work they are doing around the world to end slavery and oppression of vulnerable people. Over the past 20 years, they have learned where slaves are, how to rescue them, and how to put oppressors in jail. Their model is working. The amount of trafficking activity is decreasing in areas they are working in. I love how tangible, how gritty, how strategic their model is. 

IJM, Traffick911 (, and other great organizations are on the front line of the battle against slavery. They are the boots on the ground. And they are making headway. But, just like any organized effort against an enemy, the troops need constant supplies and equipment. 

My wife and I are currently watching through a series called "Band of Brothers", which tells stories of "Easy" Company, part of the Army Infantry Division in WWII (hint the "troop" talk). There were times where the Company was cut off from re-supplies due to heavy fog. The soldiers suffered through a harsh winter, lacking appropriate food, clothes, and ammo. They were stuck, holding an area until supplies were finally able to make their way into camp.

Calyan exists to be a supply route for trusted nonprofits. We desire for our partners to have all they need to accomplish their mission. We do not want them to become stuck, unable to do what they are trained for, due to lack of resources. 

There are many parts of the solution to human trafficking. I look at it like a wheel. There are many spokes-- law enforcement, nonprofits, legislation, awareness, fundraising, resources & care for survivors, among others. Calyan, and all of its supporters exist in the fundraising & resources spokes. We are only part of the solution, but we [you] are a vital part. 

Thank you for being part of the solution with us. Thank you for helping us keep those on the front lines well supplied.