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Dignity: the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect.

Everyone should be treated with dignity. Every person is worthy of honor and respect. We are all valuable, no matter what. We strive to be a company that cherishes the dignity of every human being, especially those who are caught in human trafficking, those whose names, whose sense of worth and hope has been trampled upon. Their dignity matters. Their lives matter. Their stories matter.

"She is seen. She is loved. Her story matters."


We at Calyan Wax Co. don't claim to be experts on the healing journey of trafficking survivors. We aren't social workers or trauma counselors. We are so thankful for partners like Traffick911 who provide the trust-based relationships, the empowerment, and the day-to-day tangible support that survivors need. However, we do know how to make candles! And with a lot of hard work channeled in the right direction, we can use this candle business we started to support the faithful work of Traffick911. Now we get to be a part of the stories of hundreds of young people bravely recovering from trafficking. Now we get to stand for their dignity. As we say around Calyan, now we get to "kindle dignity".

How are you standing for the dignity of others? It can be as simple as supporting give-back brands that are creating products you already use. Or maybe you've been thinking about starting your own non-profit or give-back business. Whatever it is, we're behind you. We support you. Let's work together to stand for the dignity of others.


Interested in learning more about the issue of trafficking? Traffick911 has some great resources here

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