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Does money save lives?

Money, and the pursuit of it, has corrupted the best of human minds. It is the root of so much evil we experience and witness. It is a struggle for all of us to remember that people and souls come before money and profit.

How ironic that money has the power to destroy and to restore? Something that so easily corrupts can be used to build, innovate, and bring hope. It mirrors the power of our tongue. With it, one can put down, degrade, and wreak havoc. At the same time, one can uplift, encourage, and show kindness with the same tongue.

From the beginning stages of Calyan until today, the idea that justice and hope for victims of sex trafficking can stem from strategically placed money has become more and more apparent. Of course, it is people who choose to use their lives to impact others who do the true life-saving. But they are fueled by financial resources.

Resources that provide for technology and tools, day-to-day items (response bags, food, gas, etc.), manpower, and so much more. There is a direct correlation between the amount of funds available and the amount of impact that is made against sex trafficking.

There are amazing organizations around the United States in the day-to-day battle. They need more money. The government can only give so much. Donations only go so far. It’s time to use business to fund the fight. It’s time to use the unlikely candle market to fund the fight against sex trafficking in America.

Choose to use your finances and your words to uplift, give hope, and restore those hurting around us. Choose humanity over profits.