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Exciting things you should know!

I want to share so much with you! We have so many new things in the works at Calyan, it is hard to contain the excitement (and hard to fall asleep sometimes). 

New Products:

In the pursuit of offering simple, beautiful, affordable, fragrant additions to your home, we are crafting our own candle vessel in-house. Think minimalist. Think modern. Think fun! We will be sharing sneak peaks as product development advances. Keep a look out!

New Space:

We are in the final month of build-out for our new home in South Arlington, TX. 6,400 square feet of warehouse, production, office, and a beautiful retail store for you to come visit. We can not wait to host you! You will know the second we open up. 

New Store Partners

We are ever-expanding to stores all over America. We want it to be easy to find Calyan and engage in anti-human trafficking efforts. Check our Store Locator to see if we are in your area. 

Whole Foods:

In case you have not heard, we are in every Whole Foods in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas! There you can find our entire line up of Glass Tumblers and Amber Jar soy candles :)

How We Operate (Side Tangent):

I recently had a horrible time renting a truck I was using to help move my sister into her new place. The truck was over an hour and a half late and when it did arrive, it had a nail in one of the tires. We then waited another 30 minutes for another truck to arrive making our moving day even more delayed. Mistakes happen, I understand. But this experience reminded me of how important it is for us at Calyan to deliver. Deliver excellent products, deliver the right products in the right time frame, and quickly correct any mistakes. You can expect your experience with Calyan to be top notch from start to finish-- nothing less. We demand that of ourselves. We want to serve you well. And we are so thankful you choose to partner with us as we use a simple candle product to accomplish a greater social mission!

- Jacob, Director @ Calyan