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How to Repurpose Your Finished Candle Vessel/Jar

Happy Earth Day, y'all!

Caring for the planet is a big deal for us, which is one of the reasons we use 100% soy wax in all our candles!

In honor of this special day, here's how to clean out and repurpose and recycle your finished candle container! 


Your candle is finished when there is less than 1/4 inches of wax left at the bottom of the candle vessel. We also refer to the candle vessel as candle containers and candle jars, it's all the same :).


Boil water and pour the water into your finished candle vessel. There's no need to remove any of the wax or the wick from the vessel before you add the water. 

adding water to finished candle vessel


Wait for water to melt wax. Then the wax will re-solidify at the surface of the water. This can take about an hour or two. 

wax solidifying in candle vessel


Once the wax is solid at the surface of the water, reach in and break the wax apart and remove it from the candle vessel. You can either throw this wax away, OR you can use this wax in your wax melter to enjoy the last bit of scent it has left :).

removing wax from old candle jar


Once you've removed you wax and the vessel is still warm from the water, simply pour the water down the sink drain (or toilet drain) and wipe the vessel clean from wax residue. Make sure you remove the metal wick holder from the used vessel and throw it in the trash. You can also remove the candle label and safety label.

washing old glass jar with water

STEP #5 - DISHWASHER (optional)

Send the glass jar through the dishwasher for one final cleaning. 


You're done! Now you can reuse your vessel for a drinking tumbler, a small planter, a pen holder, or whatever you want! Get creative! We would love to see how you are repurposing your old vessels. Send us a photo at and we'll share it with our team!


We just want to thank you so much for choosing to repurpose your old candle vessel. It's obvious you have a heart for the earth and are choosing to live a sustainable life protecting our planet. Let's all continue to pursue a zero-waste, eco-friendly lifestyle for the better of the environment!