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Introducing The Dignity Series

Every human being is worthy of dignity. Every human deserves a chance to be free and to be valued.  

However, freedom is not a present reality for everyone. Yes, not everyone is free. Not every human is treated with the dignity they deserve. This is especially true for those who have been trapped in the grip of human trafficking. 

The dignity series by Calyan Wax Co.

Our new Dignity Series candle line is dedicated to the ones who have had their dignity taken away from them. These candles are dedicated to restoring beauty, dignity, and freedom to the brave young people who are choosing to walk away from their traffickers. As these young people start their journey to freedom, we want to cheer them on with every step.  

The Dignity Series features six candles in six wonderful fragrances and colors. Lavender + Bergamot(pink), Cedar + Tobacco(orange), Oakmoss + Amber(blue), Aspen + Fog(ivory), Evergreen + Eucalyptus(green), Vetiver + Tonka(gold). Shop these candles individually or together in our Dignity Series Gift Collection.

With every purchase of the Dignity Series, you are championing the value and worth of these young survivors of trafficking. They need your support and your encouragement. By simply enjoying candles or gifting candles to others, you are funding the restoration journey of these survivors. 5% of all Calyan revenue is donated to our amazing partner non-profit, Traffick911. 

Evergreen + Eucalyptus Dignity Candle Calyan Wax Co.

Just $12 gets you in the fight against human trafficking in America. Simply enjoy a single candle and you're making an impact. $65 gets you all six of our dignity series candle line and you're really making an impact! $108 can get you 12 of our Dignity Series candles. Simply add 12 individual candles to your cart and a 25% discount will automatically apply. Learn more about our bulk pricing options here.

Thank you friends for your choice to restore dignity and worth to others. Let's continue to bring hope and speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

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