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Love & Whimsy

Have you read the book “Love Does” by Bob Goff? If not, stop what you are doing, go find the book, and read it front to back before doing anything else today.

Or read it when you can. The book is very good and has the potential to throw you into a life of whimsy and action. Side note: the book played a vital role in the beginning roots of Calyan Wax Co.

This book highlights the fact that love is an action we take intentionally. When we decide to “love” on others, we find ourselves living a life of whimsy and adventure.

Whimsy: A noun.

“playfully quaint or fanciful behavior or humor.”

Most of us long for a life of adventure, excitement, and joy. I believe this type of life is a product of intentionally showing love to others.

Love gets a little too dramatic and fairy-tale-like sometimes. It does not have to be romance and poems all the time. Rather, its the letting someone borrow your car or hiking a bag of rice to a hungry remote village kind-of-thing. (Wo Jacob, that is alittle extreme, don’t you think?)

No! That is the way we ought to live.

Do you see what I’m talking about? Love is recognizing a need and taking it upon yourself to fulfill that need. Its showing someone they are worth your time and energy. Its says, “I value you as a fellow human”. It disregards the impractical and awkward. It gives up the comfortable. And it gives others what they so desperately need. Love.

Let us stop talking about love and starting “doing” love. Let us experience the joy and excitement of doing the impractical to show others we care about them. Here’s to a life of whimsy.