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The Legacy Candle

We are excited and honored to announce a limited edition candle team up with our partner non-profit, Traffick911. Introducing, The Legacy Candle

The Legacy Candle

Held in a sophisticated and beautiful burnished copper vessel, this candle adds the perfect touch to any room. Delicate apricot melds with the sugared tones of honeycomb and deep notes of pomegranate for a scent that is both sweet and refined. 

The Legacy Candle

Not only does this candle look and smell divine, it also has a powerful story and mission behind it. We are privileged to share Traffick911's message behind The Legacy Candle below. 

After reading, you can shop The Legacy Candle on Calyan's site and $10 from every purchase of this candle will be donated to support the daily work of Traffick911.

The Story Behind the Legacy Candle

"KC was a North Texas native.

She was a kind little girl who wanted to grow up to be a history teacher.

Unfortunately, due to deteriorating conditions in her home, she found herself on the streets when she was only eleven years old. It wasn’t long before she was approached by unsafe people, and she believed their lies that she could be transformed into a pop star. Instead, because she depended on these strangers for her survival, she was sold for sex.

Traffick911 met her when she was recovered by law enforcement four years later.

The Story Behind the Legacy Candle

The Traffick911 team met her when she was recovered by law enforcement at the age of fifteen. But, like most survivors’ stories, freedom does not happen at the exact moment a victim is physically separated from their trafficker. The following two years of KC’s life were turbulent as we built a relationship with her - helping her find her own voice, mentoring her, and finding resources to help her recover from her trauma.

This young girl had one of the most innocent and childlike demeanors of any victim we have ever encountered. Despite the challenges she faced while she navigated her recovery, she bravely decided to testify against her trafficker. “I have overcome all that you did to me,” she wrote. Traffick911 was there when her words were read aloud in the courtroom, and the strength shown through her vulnerability was an encouragement to everyone present.

KC bravely decided to testify against her trafficker: “I have overcome all that you did to me,” she wrote.

KC died in January 2020 when she was seventeen. She was dearly loved by her Traffick911 family and is remembered with hope. Through the Legacy Candle, Traffick911 partners with Calyan Wax Co. to honor her resilience and bring hope to other survivors like her.

Survivors like KC are especially vulnerable to unsafe situations. In the past fifteen months, three more kids Traffick911 served have passed away. 

Every story we encounter is different, and our advocates commit to building a trust-based relationship with each and every youth. We fight for them in the legal system, find safe housing and trauma therapy options for them, and we are there for every hard battle fought and every precious victory won.

Join us in this work by lighting a Legacy Candle in KC’s memory."

Honor KC's resilience and ignite hope for other survivors like her.

Shop The Legacy Candle and give hope with your purchase. $10 of every purchase of this candle will be donated to support Traffick911 as they fight for freedom alongside brave survivors of trafficking.

Learn more about Traffick911 and their work by visiting their website,