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The Ultimate Valentine's Day Candle Gift Guide

Calyan Wax Co's Valentine's Day Candle Guide

Love is in the air, and so are the captivating scents of Calyan Wax Co's Valentine's Day Gift Guide.

Elevate your romantic celebrations with our crafted candles, each thoughtfully curated to enhance the ambiance of your special moments.

Plus, every purchase supports the freedom journey of brave survivors of human trafficking in the USA! 

Give hope to others while you share a special moment with your loved one!

Rose + Peony

Brand new scent to the Calyan lineup! 

Evoke the charm of a blossoming garden or a graceful bouquet. Fresh ozonic notes entwine with lush peony, black cherry, and peach nectar, resting on a base of clean musk and sugary rose.

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Vetiver + Tonka

Honestly, this is one of our teams absolute favorite scents. And SOME customers have told us it's the seggsiest smelling candle we make...

Luxurious notes of white rose give way to perfumes of rich cardamom, nutmeg, and tonka bean. Throw open your living room window to steep your home in the complex scent of changing seasons.

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Evergreen + Eucalyptus

It may sound like a Christmas scent, but it's one of our most popular scents year-round!
Take a stroll through acres of pine trees, and take in the sweet smell of evergreen soft eucalyptus, lemon, and cypress.


Aspen + Fog

Imagine a mountain trail surrounded by tall aspen trees, sitting by the campfire with friends, wrapped in a cozy wool blanket while gazing at the embers.


Redwood + Vanilla

An early morning stroll from the cabin through the redwoods, wrapped in your favorite cashmere sweater.

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 redwood vanilla candle on a table next to a couch

Desert + Agave

Like a hike in the desert right after a spring rain. Enjoy the cool, relaxing smell of desert flowers, fresh roses, and rainfall.

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Grapefruit + Flora

Bright citrus and fresh greenery. Lingering notes of geranium and golden ylang with subtle hints of amber and spice.

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Grapefruit flora candle