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Upcoming Changes

I founded Calyan with two goals in mind.

  1. To help fund anti-human trafficking efforts by bringing quality candles to the mass market.
  2. To give the everyday American a simple way to become a social advocate against trafficking.

I recognized the power that the “business” or “for profit” sector has to influence the “nonprofit” world. What if we funneled revenue generated from legitimate product offerings to nonprofits doing tangible work in the anti-trafficking field?

The model we adapted was straightforward and nothing revolutionary. Many “social ventures” are doing it. Most with good hearts behind it. Craft a product. Sell that product. Donate a portion of revenue to a trusted nonprofit partner.

This model has served us well. People are able to enjoy our quality products, knowing they contributed to a worthy cause. Mission accomplished!

We are approaching two years in business. During these initial years, we have gained so much vital insight into what is means to be a for-profit business with a social mission, what margins are required for sustainability and growth, and how we can best impact our world for good.

Two years down the road, my two goals for Calyan remain the same. But now we have so much more knowledge under our belt. What are we doing with this knowledge? Making fundamental changes to our structuring so that we can further accomplish our mission!

In the coming months we will be changing our financial contributions to our partner nonprofit to 5% of revenue. This will allow for more sustainable margins that fuel growth and allow us to remain competitively priced. In turn, we will be able to re-invest larger amounts back into Calyan’s infrastructure and social model.

Secondly, we will be starting an internship/empowerment program for survivors of human trafficking as soon as we are able to build out our new shop. Our goal is to provide encouragement, practical job skills, economic opportunity, and a place of positivity for those affected by trafficking. This program is being developed alongside our current partner, Traffick911.

Lastly, get ready for new, exciting products! In an effort to serve all scent-preferences and budgets, we are developing new fragrances and a new product line. Our goal is to add the perfect accent piece to your decor and welcoming fragrances to your space. We will share teasers as soon as we can and hope to launch within the year.

I want you to know our true heart behind these changes. We want to enrich and empower our fellow human who has been affected by a crime that damages to the core. We want to bring hope to the vulnerable and justice to the oppressed.

I am sincerely thankful for all those who have chosen to join us on this endeavor. Stick with us as we continue to bring light to a dark world.

If you have any comments or questions, please reach out to us! We want to hear from you.

Jacob Johnson 

CEO, Calyan Wax Co.