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Why social change starts small

When presented with the major social injustices occurring in our society it is easy to feel overwhelmed or ill-equipped to do anything about it. Sure, we will talk passionately about them over family dinner or with a friend over coffee, but when it comes down to us doing something about it, we tend to fall short. Now this is not a “bash-you party”, but it is a “something to seriously consider” article.

Our passivity or inaction is something to wrestle with. Why do we struggle to be part of solving major societal problems?

We are sensitive beings. We innately seek comfort. We can only handle so much at one time. We are guided by feelings and emotions.

Hang with me here. I think this is one of the core reasons behind our struggle to care about and act on the problems we see around us. It’s hard to combat though, because it’s in our very nature!

So what can we do?

It starts small. It starts with recognizing our human tendencies. Once we realize this, we can better recognize actions that combat them for the sake of helping the world around us.

Social change only happens when people are willing to get uncomfortable. When we are willing to put others before ourselves. When we’re willing to give up time, money, and brain-energy for the sake of others.

Once we gain this mindset, we can become serious social advocates against the issues that pain our hearts the most. Less talking, more action. And action starts with recognizing our human tendencies and choosing to get uncomfortable for the sake of our fellow human. Let’s start today.