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Scent Discovery Kit
Scent Discovery Kit
Scent Discovery Kit
Scent Discovery Kit
Scent Discovery Kit
Scent Discovery Kit
Scent Discovery Kit
Scent Discovery Kit
Scent Discovery Kit

Scent Discovery Kit

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BRAND NEW TEALIGHT SCENT DISCOVERY KIT! This super popular sample kit has recently received an upgrade. We're always striving to improve our products to better serve our amazing customers (that's YOU)! Enjoy the new Scent Discovery Kit!


We know how difficult it can be to shop candles online. We make it easy with our Scent Discovery Kit! Shop this kit and find your next favorite Calyan Wax Co. fragrance!

Step 1: Order your Scent Discovery Kit
Step 2: Receive your Scent Discovery Kit in the mail
Step 3: Smell test our 12+ amazing scents
Step 4: Pick your favorite scent
Step 5: Order your full size candle in your new favorite Calyan Wax Co. scent!

Our Scent Discovery Kit includes a 1 oz. tealight sample of each of our 12+ current and seasonal fragrances. All tealights are made with 100% soy wax and non-toxic fragrance oils infused with essential oils. Crafted by our team in North Texas. A helpful scent card is also included to help walk you through the sampling process.

Scents included:
Oakmoss + Amber | Musk + Teakwood | Cedar + Tobacco | Apples + Maple Bourbon | Evergreen + Eucalyptus | Lavender + Bergamot | Desert + Agave | Seaside + Citrus | Aspen + Fog | Grapefruit + Flora | Vetiver + Tonka | Redwood + Vanilla | Smoke + Leather

Seasonal scents included (when they are available): Pumpkin + Spices | Fir + Clove | Home + Holiday | Texas Bluebonnets | Pineapple + Coconut

Size: each tealight candle is 1.75 inches wide in diameter and .625 inches tall.

Box size: 11.5 inches long, 7 inches wide, 1 inch tall.


5% of your purchase is used to fund strategic anti-human trafficking operations in America.

All soy products are handcrafted in Texas.

Money-back guarantee on any product you don't fall in love with.

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Colleen McGarry
Really Fun!

I hate buying candles without knowing how they'll smell while burning. So this is a perfect way to test out a lot of scents and see what I'll actually like. I haven't gotten to them all yet, but when I do, I'll probably buy one or two of the candles I really love.

Dominik Dominik
Very Nice Smells

I pretty much enjoyed half and didn’t really care for the other half. It wasn’t that they smelled bad I just don’t prefer scents like Pine trees or cinnamon. But if YOU do, you’ll be right at home. The desert+agave was one of my favorites. I popped it out of the container and into my wax burner. I’m hoping to get the whole candle for my candle burner. 🤩

It’s like giving TWICE

My go to gift is Calyan candles. Never disappoints! And it’s like giving twice! Knowing that Calyan gives to traffic 911 (not to mention the amazing staff, incredible scents and the quality) is a huge thing. I feel good buying here.

Finally, candles I can use!

I am so skeptical of scented candles that say they use natural scents. So often they still give me headaches and smell so artificial. Not so with these! I love that you can order the tealight set and see which are your favorites. Such a fantastic idea. Veviter and Tonka is my favorite, and I went back and purchased a larger one. Thank you!

This is fantastic, Johanna! Great to hear that you can enjoy our candles without the headaches. We've heard that feedback from other customers as well. Keep enjoying and let us know if you ever need anything!

Alicia Hollies
Did not disappoint

I wanted to sample some new candle and start off by saying I could smell them before I open my package!!!!!! I have enjoyed all of the samples if you haven’t ordered yours yet. One question 🗣 what are you waiting on!!

high quality this candle

best quality

Lovely ambiance

Even without burning they are very aromatic, I bought many candles with different scents , Cedar + Tobacco, the gardenia , the Aspen + Fog and many and I put them as decoration in a console table in the entry of my house and they diffuse a very lovely smell with relaxing ambiance.
I put others around the edge of the bath also , anywhere they are beautiful.

What a fantastic review, Ola! Thanks for taking the time to share. Keep enjoying the candles. So thankful for your support!

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