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Evergreen + Eucalyptus 3-Wick Clear Glass Tumbler Soy Candle
Evergreen + Eucalyptus 3-Wick Clear Glass Tumbler Soy Candle
Evergreen + Eucalyptus 3-Wick Clear Glass Tumbler Soy Candle
Evergreen + Eucalyptus 3-Wick Clear Glass Tumbler Soy Candle
Evergreen + Eucalyptus 3-Wick Clear Glass Tumbler Soy Candle
Evergreen + Eucalyptus 3-Wick Clear Glass Tumbler Soy Candle
Evergreen + Eucalyptus 3-Wick Clear Glass Tumbler Soy Candle

Evergreen + Eucalyptus 3-Wick Clear Glass Tumbler Soy Candle

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The air is crisp, and it's last call at the tree farm. Enjoy the nostalgic smells of freshly cut winter greenery, and memories of garland with notes of fir needle, eucalyptus, patchouli, and cedar leaf.

This scented soy candle is infused with fir needle, cedarwood, eucalyptus, patchouli, and cedar leaf essential oils.

  • Features
    - 19.6 oz. reusable glass tumbler
    - 3 (three) cotton wicks for even burns
    - 43 hours of long-lasting scent
    - We recommend this size for large bedrooms and living areas
  • Simple Ingredients
    - 14.9 oz. of soy wax grown in America
    - Phthalate-free fragrance infused with essential oils
    - 3 (three) metal-free cotton wicks
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5% of your purchase is used to fund strategic anti-human trafficking operations in America.

All soy products are handcrafted in Texas.

Money-back guarantee on any product you don't fall in love with.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
KATe Reichel
Gorgeous fresh slightly sweet scent.

This candle is wonderful. The three wick is strong enough to fill a large open floor plan kitchen /living area. The scent is clean and crisp but also a little sweet. I adore it at Christmas time, but honestly would enjoy it anytime.

Teri Thompson
Enjoy the light; Be the light

Lighting a candle and smelling its fragrance can be such a game changer in your mood and attitude.
I have been purchasing candles from Calyan for several years now. WHY?
Let me tell you -
The Candles are superior in their fragrance
The Candles burn for the length of time promised
The Candles are made from soy which is healthier for us and our homes
The Staff take pride in their product and are fulling committed to their clients satisfaction . If you have a question, call them .
The owners have a heart for others and are giving back financially to those who truly need a hand up.
So purchase from Calyan- enjoy the fragrance and all the while you are supporting a small business that is being the LIGHT to our world.

Evergreen and Eucalyptus three wick Candle

This candle smells exactly how I imagined it to be. It is a beautifully packaged and great smelling candle. I'v etried several Eucalyptus scented candles and this one comes the closest to smelling like the actual scent. So pleased with this purchase. Thank you .

Love hearing all this, Marda!
Really happy to hear that you are pleased with the this candle. The evergreen scent is incredible and we're happy to hear you love it!
Keep enjoying!

Love the warm scent

Prob would appreciate a stronger scent but would purchase again

Thanks for the great review, Kyrel! Evergreen + Eucalyptus is one of our faves.
Happy to hear you would purchase again. We love our 100% soy wax candles because they give off a scent that is the perfect amount without being too overpowering. We want the candle scent to be present but not overtake the atmosphere of your space. If you have any concerns or questions about the performance of your candle, you can always reach out to us and we are happy to help. You can send an email to
Thanks and hope you continue to enjoy this super popular fragrance!

Elizabeth W
Consistent, Amazing, Cozy

After many years trying different soy candles to find the right throw, right scent and right mission behind the brand I've found that there's no need to look anywhere else by Calyan. The Evergreen & Eucalyptus isn't a "winter" scent - it's a cozy, comfortable scent that makes my home inviting year round.

Elizabeth, this is fantastic! Thank you so much for your kindness and for writing such a great review! The Evergreen + Eucalyptus scent is like no other candle. It's amazing and we love that you love it.
Reach out if you need anything. We're always happy to help. Keep enjoying the candles!

Shannon Ishrat
The BEST candles!

I have been using essential oils rather than candles for years now, but THESE candles have converted me! Every scent smells SO good. I purchased 5 different scents, two as gifts and 3 for my own home and I haven’t even burned them yet but they make my home smell amazing! I love the mission of this company as well and I plan to buy these as gifts (and for my own home) for many years to come!

This review is fantastic, Shannon! Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement! Happy to hear you are enjoying the candles and the mission to give hope. Thanks for being a part of the mission!

Priscilla Kenyon
Surprising scent

Not over powering soft and sweet

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