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We're excited to announce that HEB is stocking a selection of our candles in 27 store locations across Texas! 


Shop Calyan Wax Co. Candles at HEB!

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We are excited to announce that Calyan Wax Co. candles are now available in 27 HEB locations across Texas! Now more Texans can enjoy Calyan Wax Co. candles and join the mission to end human trafficking in the USA.

PLEASE NOTE: HEB locations across Texas have different candle sizes and scents available in Calyan Wax Co products. We have listed below what is available in each location but please call ahead to make sure the stores have the items you are looking for. Thanks! 



Available now in 27 locations.

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Two Wick Clear Candles
Texas Bluebonnets Two Wick Soy Candle  | 11 Oz.
Seaside + Citrus Two Wick Soy Candle | 11 Oz.
Oakmoss + Amber Two Wick Soy Candle | 11 Oz.
Cedar +Tobacco Two Wick Soy Candle | 11 Oz.

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Amber Jar Candles
Smoke + Leather Amber Jar Soy Candle | 8  Oz.
Lavender + Bergamot Amber Jar Soy Candle | 8 Oz.
Evergreen + Eucalyptus Amber Jar Soy Candle | 8 Oz.
Aspen + Fog Amber Jar Soy Candle | 8 Oz.

Every purchase of Calyan candles supports the healing journey of brave survivors of human trafficking in the USA. 

Why Choose Calyan Wax Co. Candles?

1. Calyan candle are made with 100% soy wax. We do not use any paraffin in our candles.
2. Calyan candles are made in the USA by our magnificent team in North Texas
3. Calyan candles are non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free, and are made with safe fragrance oils infused with essential oils.
4. 5% of all Calyan revenue is donated to end trafficking in the USA. See the impact we are making together.