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Calyan Going Forward

May 29, 2019Jacob Johnson

Dear Supporter,  From the time Calyan was a glimmer of a thought in my mind, I knew one thing was of paramount importance. Transparency.  When running a social venture, there is no room for confusing or vague language around how you donate or support your social cause. That is why...

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Calyan [You]: part of the solution to human trafficking

May 03, 2019Jacob Johnson

The Calyan team recently attended a fundraising dinner for the International Justice Mission (ijm.org). It was incredible to learn more about the work they are doing around the world to end slavery and oppression of vulnerable people. Over the past 20 years, they have learned where slaves are, how to rescue...

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Upcoming Changes

April 15, 2019Jacob Johnson

I founded Calyan with two goals in mind. To help fund anti-human trafficking efforts by bringing quality candles to the mass market. To give the everyday American a simple way to become a social advocate against trafficking. I recognized the power that the “business” or “for profit” sector has to...

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A deeper look into Calyan

January 16, 2019Jacob Johnson

Here is a deeper dive into the heart and method of Calyan: Calyan Wax Co. was founded on the belief that social change starts small. There are so many injustices in our world. So many problems that seem so large and complex that we think they…

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Sex trafficking in America

December 03, 2018Jacob Johnson

Our knowledge of sex trafficking in the United States is growing and evolving as more resources are dedicated to researching the true magnitude and intricacies of the issue. Below is the basics of what we know/have defined/have estimated so far: WHAT IS SEX TRAFFICKING? The recruitment,…  

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How to make a soy candle

October 18, 2018Jacob Johnson

This one is for you, the DIY candle enthusiast. The “I can do this myself” kind of person. While making a perfect candle requires trial and error, patience, and time, I’m going to try to save you some headache in the process. Note: the process and…

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I love soy candles

October 11, 2018Jacob Johnson

If you asked me 3 years ago if I would be making soy candles for a living, I would have simply not answered the question. Life is funny though. Today, I will be making my way to our Texas-based candle shop to get melting and pouring…

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Human trafficking is dumb

May 07, 2018Jacob Johnson

I don’t like that human trafficking exists. And I don’t think I’m alone. Actually I’d go out to venture that everyone reading this would say, heck no, not in my community, human trafficking should not be! This is where the problem lies. It’s not an issue…

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Love & Whimsy

March 06, 2018Jacob Johnson

Have you read the book “Love Does” by Bob Goff? If not, stop what you are doing, go find the book, and read it front to back before doing anything else today. Or read it when you can. The book is very good and has the…

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Why social change starts small

February 06, 2018Jacob Johnson

When presented with the major social injustices occurring in our society it is easy to feel overwhelmed or ill-equipped to do anything about it. Sure, we will talk passionately about them over family dinner or with a friend over coffee, but when it comes down to…

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Does money save lives?

January 03, 2018Jacob Johnson

Money, and the pursuit of it, has corrupted the best of human minds. It is the root of so much evil we experience and witness. It is a struggle for all of us to remember that people and souls come before money and profit. How ironic...

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What to do in this crazy world

October 04, 2017Jacob Johnson

My heart is heavy at the moment. Being an entrepreneur, optimism (sometimes too much, admittedly) runs through my blood. I have to be that way in order to push through all the hurdles of creating a new brand. Even more so, when fighting against the dark…

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