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Introducing The Dignity Series

June 16, 2021The Calyan Team

Every human being is worthy of dignity. Every human deserves a chance to be free and to be valued.   However, freedom is not a present reality for everyone. Yes, not everyone is free. Not every human is treated with the dignity they deserve. This is especially true for those who...

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Why Calyan Donates Percentage of Revenue and Not Profits

May 27, 2021The Calyan Team

5% of all Calyan REVENUE is donated to bring hope and freedom to brave survivors of human trafficking in America. Over $122,000 raised for our partner non-profit as of May 2021. This photo is from a donation we made to Traffick911 in October 2020   We're used to hearing all the time,...

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How to Repurpose Your Finished Candle Vessel/Jar

April 22, 2021The Calyan Team

Happy Earth Day, y'all! Caring for the planet is a big deal for us, which is one of the reasons we use 100% soy wax in all our candles! In honor of this special day, here's how to clean out and repurpose and recycle your finished candle container!  BEFORE WE START Your...

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Mother's Day Candle Gift Guide

April 14, 2021The Calyan Team

We may be biased, but nothing says, “Hey mom, I love you and I think you're the best!” like a 100% soy wax scented candle.  Let’s be honest, MOMS ROCK!And they deserve to be celebrated. Here are 6 scents we recommend to help you celebrate your mom this Mother's Day! Seaside + Citrus Is your...

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The Legacy Candle

April 05, 2021The Calyan Team

We are excited and honored to announce a limited edition candle team up with our partner non-profit, Traffick911. Introducing, The Legacy Candle.  Held in a sophisticated and beautiful burnished copper vessel, this candle adds the perfect touch to any room. Delicate apricot melds with the sugared tones of honeycomb and deep notes of pomegranate for a...

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How Does Calyan Make Their Candles?

March 29, 2021The Calyan Team

Hey there! Welcome to our candle shop in Arlington, Texas. We're glad you're here and we can't wait to show you how we make our candles. This is Curtis, one of our awesome Production Leads. He rocks!   Calyan was started in a bedroom where our founder, Jacob, used to...

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Why does Calyan give back to fight human trafficking? 

March 16, 2021The Calyan Team

Calyan Wax Co. is proud to be a give-back brand. 5% of Calyan revenue is donated to empower brave survivors of human trafficking on their healing journey.  Our primary focus is to give back and do good! Candles are a simple way for all of us to accomplish this mission together.  But how did...

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$100,000 Donated to End Human Trafficking

March 01, 2021The Calyan Team

100,000 dollars….We can hardly believe it!  With todays donation, we have now surpassed $100,000 in funds raised for our partner non-profit, Traffick911.  That’s $100,000 donated to fund life-transformation in the lives of brave survivors of trafficking. Traffick911 uses all these funds from candle purchases to empower and equip courageous youth...

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$2,963 Raised during Triple Impact Week!

November 12, 2020Jacob Johnson

Hey friends! We want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who placed an order last week during our Triple Impact Week!  15% of your purchase last week is being donated to our partner non-profit, Traffick911. This is three times our regular year-round donation amount of 5% of our revenue.  Together, we raised...

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Triple Impact!

October 27, 2020Jacob Johnson

Triple Your Impact! Next week we are donating 15% of all online sales to our partner non-profit, Traffick911. This is THREE TIMES our regular donation amount of 5%. From November 2nd to November 8th, we are tripling our impact as we take a stand against trafficking together! Free gift with every...

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Donation Day!

October 23, 2020Jacob Johnson

The Calyan Wax Co. Team It's Donation Day!  Because of you and your support, we are donating $11,199.39 to support the faithful work of our partner non-profit, Traffick911. This is a two part donation. One donation of $6,402.69 was made on NTX Giving Day and another $4,796.70 is being donated today! Our total donation amount...

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It's Candle Season, Friends!

September 22, 2020Jacob Johnson

  That's right! It's candle season, friends! Cooler weather, baked goods, warm candles, cozy scents...what's not to like about Fall?! Here are some delicious candle recommendations to keep you cozy this season! Which scent will you try next? The #1 Fall Candle: Apples + Maple Bourbon It doesn't get much sweeter than this! Apples...

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